St. Remigius October 1

St. Remigius, Archbishop of Rheims, flourished in the time of Klodwig (Clovis), King of the Franks, whom he baptised, and was the first who, by his preaching and miracles, brought the Franks to believe in the Lord Christ. At his prayers, a dead maiden was raised to life. He expounded many books of the Holy Scriptures. He ministered to the Church of Rheims with the utmost acceptance for above three score and ten years, and the holiness of his life and death were witnessed by many signs and wonders which befell afterwards.

Remigius_Baptism of Clovis_MASTER of Saint GillesA holy hermit heard this prophecy about St Remigius miraculous birth.  “God has heard your prayers and deigns to look again upon the earth from the highest heaven so that all nations will praise the marvels of His omnipotence and kings will be honored to serve Him. Know that the woman named Celina will give birth to a son to whom she will give the name of Remigius. To him God reserves the glory to save His people.”

The hermit told Celina who was of old age: “Know this, you will give birth to a son and while you are nursing your child, you are to anoint my eyes with your milk, and so restore my sight.”

St. Remigius suffered from many temptations and for this reason he is invoked when people are having temptations of the flesh and spirit.

Just before baptizing King Clovis he was given this very important prophecy for the king of France; “Your posterity shall nobly govern this kingdom, which will give much glory to the Holy Church. It shall inherit the Empire of the Romans. This nation will not cease to prosper so long as it follows the path of truth, but decadence will come upon it with vices and bad customs. For, in truth, it is in this way that all kingdoms and nations have fallen into ruin.”