Orthodox Bishop Liveries Removed By Pope Francis And Bishop Finn Of Kansas Investigated By Vatican

Bishop Liveries has been removed from his diocese in Paraguay and Bishop Finn is being investigated by the Vatican in Kansas City Missouri.  Both of the Bishops are orthodox and (what I have been told?? not for sure) in Opus Dei.   They stand up for orthodoxy have been targeted by the progressives in charge of the Church right now.  Any small thing they failed on in reporting sexual abuse of minors is brought out to get them ousted.  The public media is saying that Bishop Livieres is being removed for protecting a sex offender who moved there from the USA.  I hope and pray this is not true.

PARAGUAY-superJumboUnder the rule of the pope in Argentina, there was a great deal of sexual abuse that was not dealt with either.

pope francis“Jorge Mario Bergoglio was archbishop of Buenos Aires from 1998 to 2013 and president of the Argentine bishops’ conference from 2005 to 2011. During these years, as church officials in the US and Europe began addressing the catastrophe of child sexual abuse by clergy – and even as Popes John Paul II and Benedict made public statements – Bergoglio stayed silent about the crisis in Argentina.”

“He released no documents, no names of accused priests, no tallies of accused priests, no policy for handling abuse, not even an apology to victims.”  Bishop Accountability.org

In the pope’s removal of him, Bishop Rogelio Ricardo Livieres Plano said that other bishops had conspired against him and that the pope “must answer to God” for his removal.

He said he is being “persecuted” for his orthodoxy and was not allowed by the pope to defend himself on the accusations that he said are; “unfounded and arbitrary.”

He asked why the pope talks about; “dialogue, mercy, openness, decentralization, and respect for authority of the local churches”, yet he is being removed without these values being put into practiced.

A similar thing is happening to Bishop Finn of Kansas City Missouri.
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Finn_0Canadian Archbishop Prendergast’s was asked by the Vatican to investigate; “whether or not Bishop Finn is fit to be a leader … whether he had the qualities of leadership to run a diocese.

“I didn’t think he was fit to be a leader,” the source said. “I told the archbishop I thought [Finn] was holy but didn’t have the organizational skills for the diocese.” National Catholic Reporter

Again Bishop Finn is being charged with not handling sex abuse charges correctly.  An earlier article from the National Catholic Reporter had this list of the key points reported in Bishop Finns court trial:

  • The diocese had received a memo in May 2010 concerning Ratigan from Julie Hess, the principal of the school attached to the parish Ratigan was serving. That memo outlined several concerns about the priest and stated teachers at the school thought “Father Shawn’s actions fit the profile of a child predator.”
  • Following examination by a computer technician, the diocese became aware of a number of lewd photos on Ratigan’s laptop Dec. 16, 2010. Among those photos were those of a “little girl’s naked vagina.” Included in those who saw those photos was Msgr. Robert Murphy, then the diocese’s vicar general.
  • Ratigan attempted suicide on Dec. 17, 2010, leaving behind a note saying, “I am sorry for the harm caused to the children.”
  • In early January 2011, Finn sent Ratigan to Pennsylvania for psychiatric evaluation from Rick Fitzgibbons, who told Finn in an email Hess “may have orchestrated false accusations” against Ratigan.
  • Following his return from Pennsylvania, Finn assigned Ratigan to live at a community of religious priests and assigned him to say daily Mass for a community of women religious.
  • Finn received an email from Ratigan on Feb. 7, 2011, that began: “I am going to give you a brief summary of how I got to where I am with my addiction to pornography.
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  • Finn emailed Ratigan in response Feb. 9, giving the priest seven restrictions, including to “avoid all contact with children.”
  • Finn was informed March 31 that Ratigan had attended a St. Patrick’s Day parade and a birthday party for a sixth-grade girl.
  • On May 11, Murphy reported the existence of “hundreds of photographs” of children on Ratigan’s computer to police.
  • Ratigan was arrested for possession of child pornography May 18, 2011.

The article goes on to say; “In a separate agreement with prosecutors in that county in November, prosecutors suspended misdemeanor charges against Finn in the case as long as the bishop agreed to give the prosecutors immediate oversight of the diocese’s sex abuse reporting procedures in their county.

As part of the agreement, Finn agreed to monthly meetings with Clay County prosecutor Daniel White to discuss all reported suspicions of abuse in the county, one of 27 the diocese spans in western and northwestern Missouri.”  National Catholic Reporter

People forget that the National Catholic Reporter is located in Kansas City Missouri and is very upset with Bishop Finn for asking them to take Catholic out of their title. Read about what Bishop Finn said about NCR in The Catholic Key.

All bishops need to be accountable for covering over any sexual abuse of minors or adults (that they were told about) by priests under their supervision.  Any sexual abuse of children is a horrible horrible sin.  Sexual abuse of adults is also a terrible sin.  But to use honest mistakes that were made innocently, is not a reason to get rid of good orthodox bishops.

May all the truth come out of what happens behind the scenes to get rid of and silence good, holy, orthodox priests and bishops.  Eventually it does, at death and at the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.  All secrets will be made public and shouted from the rooftops.

Please pray for the Franciscan Friars and Sisters of the Immaculate, Cardinal Ranjith, Cardinal Burke, Cardinal Canizares Llovera, Bishop Liveries, Bishop Finn and the hundreds of priests that are being silenced right now for speaking Catholic truth and loving the Latin Mass.