2 Great Holy Latin Masses, Sat. St. Francis and Tues. Holy Rosary

This Saturday, October 4th, there will be a procession/walk, starting at 6 am at 1220 South Central Phoenix. They will carry the statue of St Francis all the way up Central Ave to where it ends, into South Mountain Park.  Around 9:30, I will offer the Holy Latin Mass in honor of St. Francis in the Park itself at Las Lomitas picnic spot.  This walk/pilgrimage has been going on for 43 years.

Death-of-St-Francis-of-Assisi-Evora-Portugal-Igreja-de-Sao-FranciscoTo get to where the Latin Mass will be offered at Las Lomitas in South Mountain Park, go south all the way up Central Ave into the park.
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 Go past the two ranger stations.  Once inside park, take the first left (right after the Service Road) and go up the hill (south) always veering right, pretty much following the road.  (Do not take the road that is a sharp right.) You will come to a sign that says Las Lomitas and follow that sign.  You walk up the hill to where the Holy Mass will be offered.

Brooklyn_Museum_-_Our_Lady_of_the_Rosary_with_SaintsThis Tuesday, October 7, is the great feast of Our Lady of Victory and The Holy Rosary.  I will offer the Holy Latin Mass at 5:30 in the Church of St. Catherine, 6200 S. Central Ave Phoenix Arizona.  We will pray the Holy Rosary at 5 pm before the Holy Mass.  There is a reception following in the parish hall across the street at the School.
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