Young Man Spiritually Abused By Priest In Seattle

I received this text message yesterday (Sunday) from a young man who is a member of “Juventutem” and had to go to Seattle for work.   When he went to mass there, this is what happened:

2008-05-14 JUVENTUTEM1“In the Seattle Cathedral I was just denied communion kneeling and made a scene of.  He eventually, after a minute standoff scoffed, said I ought to learn obedience, and then threw the Sacred Host sideways into my mouth.”

“For every knee shall be bowed to me, and every tongue shall swear.” Isaiah 45:24

“That in the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those that are in heaven, on earth, and under the earth:”  Philippians 2: 10.

Padre Pro 2Martyr Padre Pro Kneeling Instants Before Giving His Life For Christ The King

Very ironically, the exact above reading (from St.
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Paul to the Philippians) was read at the Novus Ordo Mass this young man went to where he was spiritually abuse by the priest.   St. Paul is saying we need to kneel at only the name of Jesus.  What does that mean we need to do in front of the the presence of Jesus in Holy Communion which is a billion times more holy than only His Name.

God compelled the devil to show himself to the Desert Father Abba Apollo.  He was ugly, black, skinny limbs and had NO KNEES to adore God on.  Pope Benedict said: “The inability to kneel is seen as the very essence of the diabolical”.

For all of you who are spiritually abused for kneeling for Holy Communion by bishops, priests and extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, you need to know that the part in the General Instructions of the Roman Missal that suggest not to allow people to kneel for Holy Communion has been removed in the last revision.  There is also no longer the part of explaining or disciplining the people after mass is over.

I dread the moment when these bishops, priests and eucharistic ministers die.  They were able to abuse Catholics for showing respect to God in the Holy Communion by their ecclesiastical powers.  But they will see who God is and how He deserved complete adoration as He humbled Himself to come to us in Holy Communion.

GIRL KNEELS AS SHE RECEIVES COMMUNION FROM POPEIt Is Still The Rule For All Who Receive Holy Communion At The Vatican To Do So Kneeling

We get a tiny grasp of who God is and how we will be overwhelmed in His presence in this passage from the prophet Daniel.

“And I Daniel alone saw the vision: for the men that were with me saw it not: but an exceeding great terror fell upon them, and they fled away, and hid themselves.  And I being left alone saw this great vision: and there remained no strength in me, and the appearance of my countenance was changed in me, and I fainted away, and retained no strength.”  Daniel 10: 7-8

We are so thankful to God to be traditional Catholics and to be able to go to the Holy Latin Mass where the rubrics oblige everyone to kneel and receive Jesus/God on the tongue.