Recent Evidence of Suffering Souls In Purgatory

I received this comment from one of the readers of my blog.

messe-purgatoire2“There are round burn marks on the walls of the hallway where my deceased husband walked through. He had walked from the end of the hallway into my bedroom one evening while I was getting ready for bed.
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I was sitting on the bed, and as he got closer, his eyes had a look of pleading, they were fiery red. His lips were moving, but I never heard a sound. I was in shock! After about 10 seconds, I fell back to my pillow, stared up at the ceiling and prayed. The next thing I remembered, it was morning. I felt a heaviness in my heart. When I spoke to the priest at my church, he told me to have Masses said for him. And I have. I pray fervently for his soul. The burn marks are still there to this day. The walls of the hallway are painted white and you can see the brownish stains that DO NOT go away even after scrubbing them away! This happened in 2009, my husband died in 2008. I believe in the Holy Souls. I believe in praying for them. PLEASE EVERYONE…………………PRAY FOR THE SOULS IN PURGATORY EVERY DAY!”