Immodest Dressing Could Lead to Killing (Unborn Babies)

In this blog I want to show that sexually provocative clothing can lead to sexual activity.  The lust that provocative clothing cause is for sex for pleasure outside of marriage, and not to bring a child into the world.  The type of sex that this could provoke, based on lust,  could lead to an un-wanted pregnancy.  And this pregnancy could end with the unborn baby being murdered at an abortion mill.

abortAs many of you know, the 40 Days For Life has begun again.  I went to pray the Holy Rosary where they kill unborn babies this morning after Latin Mass.  There was a group of Catholics praying the Holy Rosary in Spanish.  There were also some ex-Catholics there protesting the abortions going on.

What first struck my mind were several women dressed very immodestly.  A few were Catholics, but most of the others were from a Protestant church.  (I know because I was at the organizing meeting and met them).  In particular was a 14 year old young woman in very short pants and another woman next to her in leggings.

After we prayed the Holy Rosary, I kindly explained how dressing immodestly causes men to want to have sex without wanting children, and if the woman gets pregnant, she may want to kill that baby.

I had assumed the woman next to her was her mother and I explained it very kindly, not accusing them of anything and saying that I know that they are not why dressing immodestly to have sex.   Well the young woman turned out to be the daughter of the organizer for 40 Days for Life from the protestant Church.  She came over to me very very upset because I had caused her daughter to cry.

holynamemaryI tried to explain what happened and why I told both women what I did.  She still was very upset with me over saying anything to her daughter.  I explained to her that immodest dress offends God and it is in the Bible to dress modestly.

Finally she told me, what many women in my last parish told me, that the problem is with us men, for thinking about sex when we see sexually provocatively dressed women.  We men are the problem for having dirty minds.  They believe that the Bible is wrong, the Catholic Church (that use to preach against this) is wrong and that the sin is in the men who are tempted to look.

tumblr_mw0u5fVXvC1r6mdnjo1_500Feminist want men to be women and react and be like women.  Men are not made like women nor do we react like women.  Men are very visual.  We men are very weak sexually.  I asked her if she had a husband to ask, whether dressing like this caused him sexual temptations.  She said no.  I should of asked her to ask her father.  As I was leaving, all of the group of ladies from her church were talking together.

Nothing in my life has ever caused me more suffering than speaking the truth that immodest dressing offends God and is wrong.  I have always done it with love and taking to time to give Biblical and rational reasons.

what-is-sweeter-than-putting-ones-whole-heart-into-the-hands-of-the-blessed-virgin-mary-copyIt was God’s chosen people who punished, ridiculed and killed the Prophets and Jesus.  I will go on speaking here on my blog and to whom ever I can about what does and does not please God no matter what the consequences are.  I have and will continue to be shunned and persecuted from so called “Holy Catholics”, along with protestants.  I guess we will have to wait for death to be told by God who is right.  I put my bet on the Bible that states it clearly, dress with modesty.

“In like manner women also in decent apparel: adorning themselves with modesty and sobriety, not with plaited hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly attire,  But as it becometh women professing godliness, with good works.”  1 Timothy 2: 9-10

Thank God my mother was a woman of modesty and good taste in the way she dressed.  I never was ashamed of being with her in public.  She did wear pants a few times, but mostly she wore only dresses below the knees.

Our Mother Mary is the model and example of beauty and modesty.  Thank you to all of you women that are modest and not dressed like prostitutes.  May God and Mary reward you.   I am sure you are ridiculed too.  Please God, and do not offend Him.

Believe it or not, I do not plan my day out to see how many women I can get to hate me, get me in trouble and say mean things to me.  I like to be left alone like everyone else.  But when God calls me to speak out the truth, I can not be quiet, no matter if I am being hated and kicked out of parishes for it.  Bishops and priests, please do something about how the women come to Holy Mass greatly offending God in the way the are dressed.