Sts. Cosmas And Damian Martyrs September 27

Cosmas and Damian, who were eminent physicians in the time of the Emperors Diocletian and Maximian, were brothers, and Arabs by race, but born in the city of Aegae in Cilicia. Not more by their knowledge of medicine than by the power of Christ they healed diseases which had been hopeless for others. When the Praefect Lysias learnt to what faith they belonged, he commanded them to be brought before him, and questioned them as to their way of life, and the confession of their religion; and then, forasmuch as they freely owned themselves Christians and the Christian faith needful to salvation, he commanded them to worship the gods, under threats of torments and a most cruel death.

Cosmas and Damian_DOSSI, DossoHe bond their hands and feet together, and put them to the sharpest of the question. And he was obeyed, but nevertheless Cosmas and Damian abode still of the same mind. Therefore they were cast into the depth of the sea, bound as they were, but they came forth again, whole and unbound. The Praefect, therefore, who would have it that it came to pass so by force of art magic, cast them into prison. On the morrow he haled them forth again, and bade cast them upon a great fire, but the flame turned away from them. He was pleased then to have them tormented in divers and cruel sorts, and lastly, smitten with the axe.
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Thus did they bear witness for Christ Jesus even until they grasped the palm of their testimony.  1910 Breviary

“Dearly beloved brethren, as often as we keep the Feasts of the holy Martyrs, we look to obtain of the Lord, by their intercession, such good things in this life that thereby we, following them, may gain better in that which is to come. For they only do truly keep Holiday on the Feasts of the Martyrs, who follow after the Martyrs’ example. These Feasts of the Martyrs are the Martyrs’ preaching, whereby to stir us up to imitate what we are not loath to honor.” St. Augustine