Common Core State Standards Implemented In Catholic Schools Too

100, of the 176 Roman Catholic dioceses, have adopted CCSS (Common Core State Standards), (as well as other christian schools) along with failing public schools.   But many good Catholics are concerned about the Governments influence in Catholic Schools.

The proof  that parents are not happy with public schools giving their children a good education, is the prolific growth of charter schools everywhere.  I know that there are great teachers in the public schools, but the public school system is not working.

Cross-in-Catholic-SchoolPhoto From Eagle Forum Blog

132 Catholic professors wrote a letter to the Bishops of the United States over their concern about Common Core and Catholic education.  Here are some excerpts:

  • We are convinced that Common Core is so deeply flawed that it should not be adopted by Catholic schools which have yet to approve it, and that those schools which have already endorsed it should seek an orderly withdrawal now.
  • Promoters of Common Core say that it is designed to make America’s children ‘college and career ready.’ We instead judge Common Core to be a recipe for standardized workforce preparation.
  • Proponents of Common Core do not disguise their intention to transform ‘literacy’ into a ‘critical’ skill set, at the expense of sustained and heartfelt encounters with great works of literature.
  • Every student deserves to be prepared for a life of the imagination, of the spirit, and of a deep appreciation for beauty, goodness, truth, and faith.
  • Rather than explore the creativity of man, the great lessons of life, tragedy, love, good and evil, the rich textures of history that underlie great works of fiction, and the tales of self-sacrifice and mercy in the works of the great writers that have shaped our cultural literacy over the centuries, Common Core reduces reading to a servile activity.
  • The Common Core standards lack an empirical evidentiary basis and have not been field-tested anywhere.  This summary is from Phyllis Schlafly at

Common-CoreThe Cardinal Newman Society stated that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation paid the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) more than $100,000 to support teacher training and materials on implementing the Common Core school standards.

One essay topic in the Common Core is: How is the state like a family? How can the state be even better than a family?  A multiple choice question then asks to choose who had ultimate authority over people, and the correct answer is ‘the government’.

The Ohio Liberty Coalition is helping parents protest over graphic sexual passages in novels recommended to 11th grade students.

Louisiana Catholics For Excellence also wrote a letter to their bishops against Common  Core.  They ended their letter with this quote from the Bible: “Do not conform yourselves to this age but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, so that you may judge what is God’s will, what is good, pleasing and perfect.”  (Romans 12:2).

The Renewal Report by the Cardinal Newman Society explains very well about Catholic Core vs Common Core.  In it are the facts about the excellence of Catholic Education.

In this Report they show statistics as evidence that Catholic Schools do not need Common Core Curriculum.

1) Catholic schools have a 99 percent students in Catholic schools graduate as opposed to only 73 percent public schools students.  

2) Out of these students, 85 percent go on to college, compared with only 44 percent of public school students. 

IMG_9265Please be educated on the Common Core Curriculum.  It is even part of the Charter Schools curriculum.  God bless all of you home schooling parents, especially you mothers.  It is very difficult and draining, but it is worth saving your child’s mind and soul.