Trisomy 18 Baby Is Baptized In Traditional Catholic Rite. Pray For Parents Of Maria Isabella

A couple of weeks ago the parents of Maria Isabella called to ask to have their newborn baby baptized at Ryan’s Hospice House because she was not expected to live very long.  Thank God they have another daughter.

photoMaria Isabella In Her Baptism Gown

Maria Isabella is diagnosed with Trisomy 18 (she has an extra chromosome in some or all of her body’s cells).  She also has three copies of chromosome 18 which causes the baby’s organs to develop in an abnormal way.  These children are very susceptible to cardia failure, apnea and pneumonia.

photoMaria Isabella’s parents were advised to kill her before she was born because her abnormality.  In a blog about Trisomy 18, the nurse tells people “to make an  informed decision about continuing the pregnancy“, (in other words whether to kill or not the Trisomy 18 baby by aborting her).  Doctors inform them that these infants have significant mental and physical disabilities.  Only 5% to 8% survive past the first year.

I spent a good amount of time explaining to Maria Isabella’s parents to be very careful about hospice and that they needed to feed her and take care of her just as if she was a normal baby.

They have taken her home and she is doing fine right now.  But hospice has told them that  they are not allowed to take her to a doctor.

photoYou can see that any mother pregnant with an abnormal baby or who has down syndrome are encouraged to kill them.  As I have posted here before, many children are born perfect who were diagnosed with defects and whose parents were counseled to abort, kill them.

Old chronically sick people, or those with Alzheimer, are seen as a burden and encouraged to be put on hospice.
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 Many times they are not given anything to eat or drink but morphine.

The medical cost for these so called “deformed or unwanted babies or old humans” is to high to be spent because they are not worth while to be kept alive and living normal lives.

Messa-in-latino 2Please pray for Maria Isabella and her parents and all parents who are heroically taking care of handicapped children.  We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to know that every human being, young or old, healthy or sick has great value in the eyes of God.
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