St. Linus September 23

8d81f01c7f75d86d376230f5e0356d35Pope Linus was by birth a native of Velletri in Tuscany, and was the first pope after St Peter who governed the Church. His faith and holiness were such that he not only cast out devils, but also raised the dead. He wrote the acts of Blessed Peter, and especially the history of his strife with Simon Magus. He forbade women to enter the Church without having a veil upon their heads. His own head was cut off, on account of his firmness in confessing Christ, by command of the godless Consular Saturninus, an unthankful wretch whose own daughter he had delivered from being tormented by a devil. He was buried upon the Vatican Mount, hard by the grave of the Prince of the Apostles, upon the 23rd day of September. He sat as Pope eleven years, two months, and twenty – three days. died in the year 76. He held two December ordinations, wherein he made fifteen Bishops, and eighteen Priests.