Sex Before The Holy Sacrament Of Marriage Causes Many Deaths

In spite of what everyone believes in today, (that anyone can have consensual sex with anyone they want), Jesus in the New Testament and the Catholic Church have always taught that sex is for united two people, male and female, until death.  “Therefore now they are not two, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let no man put asunder.”  Matthew 19: 6.

photoI posted the death of Isaac Lopez on my blog.  All I knew was that he had been shot dead close to the rectory where I live.  Fr. Saenz told me that our gardner had talked to the police and had been told that Isaac had shot and injured a young man while the young man killed him.

Last night I was driving down the road and slowed down at the spot where he had been killed to pray for his soul.  As I did so, I saw two young men at another cross with more candles.

I decided to go and talk with them to find out more about who Isaac was and what actually happened.  One told me that he was Isaac’s “brother”, (not biologically) because they were that close.  The other was also a friend who had gone through catechism at St.
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Catherine’s and once in a while goes here for Holy Mass.

They asked me to bless a metal Holy Rosary that was hung around another wooden cross with Isaac’s name on it.  They explained that it was a very special Holy Rosary.

mary-with-rosaryWhen I asked about Isaac’s parents, they told me that his father had died when he was a child and his mother had abandoned him.  As I had guessed, he had come from a broken family and marriage.  So many young men who are in gangs come from broken homes and single mother families.

I showed a lot of concern for how much they were suffering.  But I also explained to them that more than likely Isaac is in hell for having shot the other young man and that it is wrong.  I asked them to learn from Isaac’s tragic death to not follow the same path.  I told them that I had been praying last night that young men would not be locked up in prison as so many are.  They agreed and one said that he knew that something like 5% of all young men are in prison.
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 His “brother” said that no matter where Isaac was, even if in hell, he wanted to be there.

They were very thankful for my concern and I assured them of my prayers for them and for Isaac’s soul.  I promised to be there for them in their sorrow.

The other deaths that come out of sex before the Holy Sacrament of marriage is abortion. Young men and women have sex and when the the young woman finds out she has a “problem” of being with an unwanted child, they normally decide to have it murdered.  The murder of Isaac is no different than the murder of the unborn “Isaacs” in the womb.

Cana_VERONESE, PaoloGod is so much more loving and intelligent than we are.  All He wants is for us to be happy, live long lives and to be with Him forever in Heaven.  God wants a holy good virgin man to enter into a life long relationship with a holy good virgin woman by receiving the Holy Sacrament of Marriage.  Then they for the first time they then discover the sacredness and joy of sex to have children.  They will have the best sacred sex life that is possible, receive the greatest gift from God which is a child, (and as many as God wants to give) and they will have each other to enjoy and help for the rest of their lives.

This is why the Catholic Church has always not allowed divorced and remarried people to receive Holy Communion.  It is grave sin to break the marriage vows (until death do us part) taken before God.

Having sex before the life long Sacrament of marriage does not work.  It only causes suffering for the women, men and above all, the children who survive parents separation and abortion.  We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to know this.