Freedom Of Religion Leads To Freedom To Adore Devil

We have organized a Holy Hour of Reparation today at 5 pm at St. Catherine’s Church, (Pacific Coast time) to coincide with the 7 pm (Central Time) black satanic mass in Oklahoma City.  I encourage all of you priests reading this, to offer your Holy Masses against this evil event and to also organize a hour of adoration of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament in reparation to coincide with the time of the satanic black mass.

jimlersch_eucharist800If you are not a priest, who is able to organize a prayer, or offer Holy Mass, than at least gather your family to pray the Holy Rosary at that time.

Many Catholics around the world are also sacrificing the Holy Host of Jesus Christ’s Body to the devil today at Catholic masses all over the world.   According to St. John Vianney; “whenever anyone receives Jesus Body in Holy Communion in mortal sin, he is offering Jesus in sacrifice to the devil at his feet”.  All the Catholics that use birth control, are seeing pornography or have missed a mass and have not repented and gone to confession, are in mortal sin.

In every Catholic parish I have been in, the lines for confession are short while the lines for Holy Communion are long.

After Holy Mass, a lady told me that we should respect all religions, and she mentioned Buddhism.  That being the case, then why not satanism.  It is a “religion” of worshipping the devil and evil spirits.  No, the only religion that should be respected and practiced is the one that Jesus Christ started, the Catholic Church.

That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell  shall not prevail against it. And I will give to thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven.”  Matthew 16: 18, 19.

As Pontius Pilate asked; what is truth?  Most Catholics no longer believe that what the Catholic Church taught for 2000 years, that what the Bible contains and what the actual words written there by Jesus, in particular, are true.

This week, while “freedom of speech” from the Constitution is used to permit the use of a public Civic Auditorium for a satanic black mass, at the same time the Constitution is being used to discipline a coach for praying with his team at a public school.

“North Carolina school officials have ordered a high school football coach to stop leading his team in prayer after atheist activists accused him of violating the U.S. Constitution.  “It is a violation of the Constitution for the Mooresville High School football coach to organize, lead or participate in prayers or other religious proselytizing before, during, or after games and practices,” Patrick Elliott, an attorney for the Freedom From Religion Foundation, wrote in a letter of complaint to the district.”  The Blaze

Notice the name, “Patrick” for the lawyer for Freedom From Religion, coming from St. Patrick.

Each one of us can offer Holy Mass and receive Holy Communion with more adoration and respect.  These satanist have more belief that Jesus (God) is in the Holy Host than many Catholics.  Otherwise why would the devil want to offend Jesus in the Holy Host if he would not be offending God whom he hates and wants to get back at.
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 The devil and satanist believe that is God in the Host of the Catholic Church.

Thank God we are traditional Catholics who believe in, worship and receive the Holy Host on our knees and on our tongue.  WE BELIEVE AND WE WORSHIP ON BENT KNEES.