Traditional Catholics or Traditional Muslims

A young man came up to me Sunday after Holy Mass, very very concerned asking if he could just have a few minutes to speak with me.

Tuy_VisionHe had seen on the news all the atrocities that the muslims are doing to the Catholics and christians in the Middle East.  His first reaction was to enlist in the military to go to battle against them.

But he thought it would be wise to investigate about the muslim people and their religion before he did so.  To his surprise he became very confused.  In spite of his predisposition of anger against them, he began to admire them.  He saw how they pray, how they strongly believe in Allah and have their countries living by Allah’s rules.

One web site really moved him when it stated that: “if you were to see Jesus walking down the streets, he would be a muslim with robes and a beard”.

622-Mahoma contra Cristo


“If you were to run into Mary, she would be a muslim with her head covered and modest clothing”.  This really made an impression on him.Madonna and Child_San Domenico Altarpiece (detail)_ANGELICO, Fra

After reflection on all that he knew, he was again convinced that Catholicism is greater than Islam.  But he just had to share what he had discovered and how what he had discovered had attracted him and caused him to doubt his faith.  Let us never forget, our founder of the Catholic faith, Jesus Christ, never killed anyone.  He was murdered on the cross.

I am sure there are many other good people, including Catholics, becoming muslims because as he stated: “We, as Catholics, have become very weak and passive”.

As most of you already know and lament, the feminist (that run and have feminized the Church), and the homosexual cardinals, bishops and priests, (whom Pope Benedict called “The Homosexual Mafia”), have made the Church passive to evil that is everywhere around us.  And if you or I might criticize what is happening in the Church, we are silently silenced.

480px-120.The_Prophet_IsaiahIt is exactly like in the Old Testament, when everything in Israel was crumbling down, the False Prophets kept saying, “everything is just fine”.  And when the True Prophets spoke of doom, they were shunned, beaten, exiled and killed.  The pope, the cardinals, the bishops, the religious, the priests all read all about the True Prophets in their Novus Ordo Liturgy of the Hours, yet it goes in one eye and out the other.

As Jesus said; You killed the prophets and then built monuments to honor them.

Ever since 911, our government has used this attack to spy on each one of us.  We as American citizens have lost our freedom.  All my blogs, telephone calls, emails and text messages are collected by our government.  We Catholics are already classified by the government as “dangerous extremist”.  Imagine how we traditional Catholics are classified; I would imagine as “extremely dangerous extremist”.  We are not, we are simply followers of Jesus, trying to lift up our voices in favor of truth and tradition.

jesus 9It is our government who are dangerous extremest when the go to other countries and kills innocent people for their humanist “one world” agenda.  It is terrible that so many children and innocent civilians have been murdered by our military in Iraq and Afghanistan.  All over the world our government promotes the homosexual agenda, control other countries birth rate and push the murdering of the unborn babies.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to have God on our side.  It will not be long before Jesus returns and then His justices will be dealt out.  Death comes sooner or later.  Each one of us will have to give a detailed account of every aspect of our lives.