HOPE = Holy Help + Optimism + Prayer + Eternity

In these times that we are living in, we traditional Catholics find it very difficult.  At times it seems as if everything Catholic and that we believe in, is being attacked in the Church, by the pope, cardinals, bishops, priests, religious, other lay Catholics and our families.

IMG_7615We witness the same outside the Church, by the politicians, religions, homosexuals, feminist, schools, media, pro-choice and secret societies.  So, it is for this reason that we always need to look towards God and Our Lady with Hope.  In order to have and keep this Hope, it is helpful to meditate on what that word actually means.

Hope is something that we hope to attain beyond what we have right now.  It’s something that is hoped to be obtained in the future.  The Spanish word for Hope is “esperanza”, from the word “espera” which means to be waiting for something (good).

Here are some definitions of the word “Hope” in the dictionary: feel sure, give credence to, have faith in, have no doubt, have no reservations, look forward to, place reliance in, pray for, presume, put confiience in, rely on, confident expectation.

The Latin etymology is expectare / exspectare “await, look out for, desire, hope,” from ex-“thoroughly” + spectare “to look,” frequentative of specere “to look at”.

latinSo I want to help us pray and meditate on the word Hope.

H. Holy Help that will eventually come from our Good God and Mary.

O. Optimistic view on all situation because we know that all things work to the good of those who love God.  “And we know that to them that love God, all things work together unto good, to such as, according to his purpose, are called to be saints.” Romans. 8: 28.

P. Pray with great faith knowing that God acts in very mysterious ways and in His time.

E. Eternal design of God. Reality is played out in eternity.  We will only truly understand the present when we have died and gone into eternity.  This being said, we trust God that He is in control and has a great plan right now, even if it seems otherwise.

Resurrection_detail_PASSIGNANOFaith, Hope and Love are supernatural or theological virtues.  Therefore they have been given to us at baptism.  We need to work on these virtues so that they help us on our way through life to heaven.

God is a billion times greater than any group, person, ideology or problem.  The crucifixion was triumphed by the resurrection.  We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and know this.