The Holy Name Of Mary

Pope Julius II allowed a diocese in Spain to celebrate The Holy Name of Mary on Sept. 15th, the end of the octave of Mary’s birthday Sept. 8th.   As Jesus was taken to the temple 8 days after his birth and given His name Jesus, they say that the same happened to Mary 8 days after her birth.

MaryofRoses Bouguereau“Mary means enlightener, because She brought forth the Light of the world. In the Syriac tongue, Mary signifies Lady.” [St. Isidore of Seville +636]

“Let me say something concerning this name also, which is interpreted to mean Star of the sea, and admirably suits the Virgin Mother.” [St. Bernard +1153]

“O name of Mary! Joy in the heart, honey in the mouth, melody to the ear of Her devout clients!”  St. Anthony of Padua +1231

“Mary means Star of the sea, for as mariners are guided to port by the ocean star, so Christians attain to glory through Mary’s maternal intercession.” [St. Thomas Aquinas +1274]

BlessedVirginMary“This most holy, sweet and worthy name was ’eminently fitted to so holy, sweet and worthy a virgin. For Mary means a bitter sea, star of the sea, the illuminated or illuminatrix. Mary is interpreted Lady. Mary is a bitter sea to the demons; to men She is the Star of the sea; to the Angels She is illuminatrix, and to all creatures She is Lady .” [St. Bonaventure +1274]

“God the Father gathered all the waters together and called them the seas or maria [Latin, seas]. He gathered all His grace together and called it Mary or Maria . . .This immense treasury is none other than Mary whom the Saints call the ‘treasury of the Lord.’ From Her fullness all men are made rich;” [St. Louis de Montfort +1716]

“When you approach the time for reading about Mary Immaculate, always remember that you are entering into contact with a living, loving person.”  St. Maximilian Kolbe [+1941

Virgin and Child in Glory with Saints_CARLONE, Giovanni BattistaBut the feast was made universal after the miraculous triumph of King Jan Sobieski over the muslims on September 12, 1683.  Before he traveled to engage in battle the muslims who were sieging Vienna and all of Europe was in danger, he went to the Sanctuary of Mary in Czestochowa, where he implored Our Lady’s help and blessing.

He miraculously arrived when all seemed lost.  During battle, his men screamed the Holy Name of “Maria”.  The muslims screamed Allah Allah Allah.  After winning, King Sobieski sent the muslims standard to Pope Innocent XI with these words:  “Veni, vidi, Deus vicit” or “I came, I saw, God conquered”.  He used the prideful words of the Romans, “I came, I saw and I conquered” and made it a humble recognition of God’s miraculous action.

King Jan Sobieski also was a true believer in Christendom.  He said: “When the good of the Church and Christianity is concerned I shed my blood to the last drop, together with the whole kingdom. Since my kingdom and I are two bulwarks of Christianity”.

Battle_of_Vienna_21683_by_Józef_BrandtIn his letter to the bishops of Poland, Cum iam lustri abeat, 1951, Pope Pius XII wrote: “To the same Heavenly Queen, on Clear Mountain (Jasna Gora), the illustrious (King) John Sobieski, whose eminent valor freed Christianity from the attacks of its old enemies, confided himself.”

492px-King_John_III_Sobieski_blessing_Polish_attack_on_Turks_in_Vienna_1683Mary, Mary, Mary, help us in this time of crisis in the Church.  It seems that all around us, all we see are those, who should be defending truths, actually attacking it.  And with the powerful muslims, masons and atheist attacking on all sides, help us be willing to rise up and protect our Catholic Faith.  Give us the strength to pray, have faith, keep firm, speak up and know that, through your intercession, your God and our God, will be victorious in the End. Amen.