911, The World Needs Traditional Catholicism Not Traditional Islam

Each one of us needs to be praying for the conversion of all atheist, heretics and especially the muslims on this day.  When there is a false sense of God, a distorted religion or no belief in God at all, we produce horror and terror.
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Remember the Barbarians roaming around Europe; raping and pillaging.
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 They were able to do this because the Roman Empire had become decadent and weak by its orgies, homosexuality and brutality.

The United States, and most of the world that we have influenced by our government and media, has also become weak, as we destroy the family by divorce and introducing any type of so called “marriage”, drugs (especially marijuana “medicine” stores), pornography and any type of sex anyone may choose to engage in and the murder of the most vulnerable (pre born babies) by abortion.

The communist began their attack on the world by destroying religion, the family and morals.  The masons have the same goal.  Keep the youth immoral, with sex, drugs and rock n roll, and they can be manipulated so easily.

The muslims despise the immoral values of the West, but have their own perverted immorality when it comes to raping, torturing and murdering infidels who are no more than dogs to them.  You can see this in this video about ISIS.  The Islamic State (Full Length)

Here is a long long list of Islamic Terror Attacks on Christians Since 9/11 by The Religion of Peace.com.

Jan Joest von Kalkar_Ecce HOmo_Kalkar (Cleves), Catholic Parish of St. Nicholas_1508Here are some religious details from the September 11th Terror Attacks.

Ahmad al-Haznawi, Flight 93 Hijacker

“We killed them outside their land, praise be to Allah. Today, we kill them in the midst of their own home.

O Allah, revive an entire nation by our deaths.
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O Allah, I sacrifice myself for your sake, accept me as a martyr. O Allah, I sacrifice myself for your sake, accept me as a martyr. O Allah, I sacrifice myself for your sake, accept me as a martyr.

To the Garden of Eden, our first house. We shall meet in the eternal Paradise with the prophets, honest people, martyrs and righteous people. They are the best of companions. Praise be to Allah. Allah’s peace, mercy and blessings be upon you. ”

Ayman al-Zawahiri, al-Qaeda’s Number Two, explaining the motives for the plot.

“Those 19 brothers who left us made efforts and offered their lives for the cause of Allah. Allah has favored them with this conquest, which we are enjoying now”

Osama bin Laden, bragging of the 9/11 attacks during a video-taped November, 2001 meeting.

“I heard someone on Islamic radio who owns a school in America say: ‘We don’t have time to keep up with the demands of those who are asking about Islamic books to learn about Islam.’  This event made people think about true Islam, which benefited Islam greatly.”

Written instructions to the hijackers.

“Be cheerful, for you have only moments between you and your eternity, after which a happy and satisfying life begins…

“Remember: it is a raid for the sake of Allah. Recite the prayer.  As you take the seat, recite the prayer. Mention Allah a lot.  When the hijacking begins, “Shout Allah is great because this shout strikes terrors in the hearts of the infidels

“And the moment of death should be accompanied by the basic statement of belief recited by all Muslims at the call to prayer.  Seconds before the target, your last words should be, ‘there is no god but Allah. Mohammed is his messenger!.”

Last words from the cockpit of Flight 93.

“Allahu Akbar!  Allahu Akbar!  Allahu Akbar!”

tridentine mass 3Since we have almost stopped offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in Latin and all the other sacraments in Latin, that have so many prayers against satan, we have seen nothing but the destruction of culture and morals.

All the traditional blessing and ordinary prayers have exorcism prayers and consecration prayers to help re-consecrate creation, (that is under the power of satan since Adam and Eve’s rebellion), back to God.

Most Catholics no longer even know how to pray the Holy Rosary.  On September 12, we traditional Catholics celebrate the Feast of the Holy Name of Mary.  That is when on Sept. 12, 1683, King Jan Sobieski of Poland saved Europe by defeating the muslims as they almost captured Vienna Austria.  We celebrate this feast day because as the muslims were screaming the battle cry of Allah, Allah, Allah, the Catholics were shouting the Holy Name of Mary, Maria, Maria, Maria.

800px-King_John_III_Sobieski_Sobieski_sending_Message_of_Victory_to_the_Pope_after_the_Battle_of_ViennaWe are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to have recourse to God’s power through the Holy Sacraments, traditional prayers and Our Ladies protection through the Holy Rosary.