Traditional Catholic Baptism Has More Exorcisms Than New Rite

We are blessed to have families who want the traditional Catholic Baptism.  As you will see, in the scientific evidence here presented below in this blog, there are many exorcisms and consecrations are not present in the New Rite of Baptism and that were purposely deleted.

photoThe Traditional Baptism starts off asking the child what he wants from the Church of God? The answer is FAITH.   Then he is asked what faith will offer?  The answer is ETERNAL LIFE.

The New Rite starts out by only asking “What name do you give your child?  Then “What do you ask of God’s Church for N.?”  And the answer is Baptism.

In the Latin Baptism the priest then breathes three times on the child in the form of a cross saying; “Depart from him unclean spirit and give place to the Holy Spirit, the Consoler”.

photoWhile the priest does the “Imposition of Hands”, there is the prayer; “Free him from the snares of Satan which until now have held him.”

Salt is then exorcized and consecrated to be “a health giving Sacrament to put the enemy to flight” and put into the mouth of the new born baby.

Then comes the part that is called The Exorcism were the priest starts “I exorcise youunclean spirit“.  The prayer goes on to say; “Come forth, depart from this servant of God, for He Commands you, accursed and damned spirit…” “Therefore accursed devil, acknowledge your condemnation and pay homage to the true and living God…. depart from this servant of God..”

photoThe priest then makes a Sign of the Cross on the forehead of the child saying; “Accursed devil, never dare to desecrate this sign of the holy cross which we are tracing upon his forehead…”

Once inside the church comes The Solemn Exorcism, the priest says; “I exorcise every unclean spirit” (with three signs of the cross in the name of the Father, Son, Holy Spirit) “that you may depart from this creature of God”.

Then comes the Renunciation of Satan, that is almost identical to what is done in the New Baptismal right.

photoPresenting the Newly Baptized Madeline Agnes to the Virgin Mary

The Exorcism Prayer in the New Baptismal Rite is this prayer; “Almighty and ever-living God, you sent your only Son into the world to cast out the power of Satan, spirit of evil, to rescue man from the kingdom of darkness, and bring him into the splendor of your kingdom of light. We pray for this child: set him (her) free from original sin, make him (her) a temple of your glory, and send your Holy Spirit to dwell with him (her). We ask this through Christ our Lord.”

It is evident that there is a description of the power of satan, but there is no exorcism prayer that directly commands the devil to depart from the child like the multiple times it is found in the traditional Latin Baptism.

We traditional Catholics are so blessed to have such powerful prayers of exorcisms in the Latin Baptism. As you probably know, the Anglican Church has even removed the word “satan” our of their newly evolved Baptism Rite. “Claiming that the traditional rejection of the devil and all rebellion against God ‘put off people who are offended to be addressed as sinners,’ clergy claimed that they found it much easier to ask parents and godparents to make vows that do not mention Satan.”

photoP.D. James writes in her chilling novel “Children of Man”, set in a dystopian world in the year 2021 in which the entire human race has become infertile, the author describes a society in which the last child had been born two decades earlier, and where the “new trend” in cities such as London is to hold elaborate christening ceremonies for kittens—replete with flowing white christening dresses and lace bonnets for the feline newborns. In such a society, the clergy is pleased to preside over the ritual because it gives so much joy to the childless “parents” of the kittens.

Wikipedia has a description of how James describes society in 2021 in England;

  • The youngest generation, the “Omegas” (last humans that will be born), are described as spoiled, over-entitled and egotistical due to their youth and the luxurious lifestyle they are treated to. They are violent, remote and unstable, and regard non-Omegas (elders) with undisguised contempt, yet are spared punishment due to their age. According to rumour, outside of Britain some countries sacrifice Omegas in fertility rituals.
  • Due to the global infertility of mankind, newborn animals (such as kittens and puppies) are doted upon and treated as infants, being pushed in prams and dressed in children’s clothing. The latest trend in London is to have elaborate christening ceremonies for newborn pets.
  • The country is governed by decree of the Council of England, which consists of five people. Parliament has been reduced to an advisory role. The aims of the Council are (1) protection and security, (2) comfort, and (3) pleasure—corresponding to the Warden’s promises of (1) freedom from fear, (2) freedom from want, and (3) freedom from boredom.
  • The Grenadiers — formerly an elite regiment in the British armed forces – are the Warden’s private army. The State Secret Police (SSP) ensures the Council’s decrees are executed.
  • The courts still exist, but juries have been abolished. Under the “new arrangements”, defendants are tried by a judge and two magistrates. All convicted criminals are dumped at a penal colony on the Isle of Man. There is no remission, escape is almost impossible, visitors are forbidden and prisoners may not write or receive letters.
  • Every citizen is required to learn skills, such as husbandry, which they might need to help them survive if they happen to be among the last human beings in Britain.
  • Foreign workers are lured into the country and then exploited. Young people, preferably Omegas, from poorer countries come to England to work there. These “foreign Omegas” or, generally, “Sojourners” are imported to do undesirable work. At 60, which is the age limit, they are sent back (“forcibly repatriated”). British Omegas are not allowed to emigrate so as to prevent further loss of labour.
  • Elderly/infirm citizens have become a burden; nursing homes are for the privileged few. The rest are expected and sometimes forced to commit suicide by taking part in a “Quietus” (Council-sanctioned mass drownings) at the age of 60.
  • The state has opened “pornography centres”. Twice a year, healthy women under 45 must submit to a gynaecological examination, and most men must have their spirm tested, to keep hope alive.  “Children of Men”

Yes, thank God we are traditional Catholics and believe that Children are a precious blessing from God.