Pray For Elijah Mundattuchundayil Who Leaves For Traditional Catholic Seminary FSSP

We had a great party at the Mundattuchundayil’s home to send away their son to begin his studies at Our Lady Of Guadalupe Seminary, (Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter) in Trenton Nebraska.  The party was a surprise.

photoHe has been an altar boy for years at their parish Mater Misericordia here in Phoenix Arizona.  Most of you know about that parish because it is where Fr. Terra was beaten and Fr. Walker murdered.  Keep praying for the conversion of Gary Michael Moran who did these horrendous crimes.


photoElijah (on the right) with his friend Trinidad.

Fr. Nick Floridi was there.  He is a diocesan priest studying the Latin Mass.  He has suffered much for trying to be an orthodox seminarian and priest.  Pray for him.photoFr. Nick Floridi

Fr. Gordon (FSSP) is here for a few weeks helping at Mater Misericordia.

photoFr. Gordon (FSSP)

Fr. David Kemna is now here to take Fr. Walker’s place.  He is doing a good job.

photoFr. David Kemna (FSSP)

Everyone had a great time praying, eating and playing soccer.photoIt sure is fun to be a traditional Catholic and have priestly vocations from large families.  There was also another young woman leaving to go to the Franciscans of the Renewal in the Bronx.  Pray for her to.  I told her I think she will have a very hard time not having the Holy Latin Mass.