Pornography Is A Worse Virus Than Ebola, Consuming Catholic Souls And Anyone It Comes In Contact With

We pray for all of those who are suffering from sickness and death as a result of the Ebola virus.  It seems to be centered in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia.  I read that a Mexican woman had the symptoms: “sore throat, headaches, muscle aches and fever”.  As much as we need to be cautious about this real danger, these symptoms are common to all flues.

Dangerous-virusEbola Virus

I received a email from a woman in Liberia Africa, where the Ebola virus is a danger.  She told me that because of this danger, the churches are not allowing people to receive Jesus on the tongue.  This same tactic took place in my diocese when the Mexican Swine Flu (H1N1 Influenza) scare took place.  All parishes were advised to only give Holy Communion in the hand.  Many priests used this as an opportunity to stop giving Holy Communion on the tongue indefinitely.

Dr. William Close, who wrote the book “Ebola”, said: “We have no protection from this disease, we cannot be isolationist in our thinking any more.  The world is a small community of nations that when one coughs, nobody sleeps.”  On my part, I am very very leery of virus panics.  When I was young I remember hearing all about the real danger of the return of the Bubonic Plague.  There is always a plague scare going on.  Thanks be to God, so far, in my 65 years of life, I have yet to see a plague like those that killed millions of people.

But I am hearing everyday about the extremely evil plague of pornography spreading everywhere and infecting and killing souls of children, young, middle age and old men.  It just gets worse and worse everyday.  Even women are beginning to be infected with this deadly virus too.

F002_PopesInHellWith the common ownership of the “smart phone”, it is so easy to access pornography.  In your own privacy, when no one knows or watching, you just go on line and access any sexual pictures or videos you may desire to watch.

Non Catholic studies are saying that pornography acts exactly like drugs on the mind.  It quickly causes you to be wanting it more and more and to consume more and more of your time on it.

I am purposely not calling it an “addiction” because our society justifies whatever one is “addicted” to, and it is therefore no longer considered sin.   The word “addiction” basically means you have little or no control over your actions, like getting drunk, using drugs or seeing pornography.  Therefore there is no responsibility or guilt or sin involved.

demonsIf this is so, then all people in prison should be let out right now.  Each one of them can justify their actions by saying they had no control over their actions and should not be punished for something they no longer have control over, like murdering, raping and stealing.
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No, each one of us still has the ultimate responsibility over every one of our actions and will be punished or rewarded for these actions, good or bad, by God.  Here we can justify everything.  But when we go before the Just God for Judgement, our opinion will have no value whatsoever.

Yes, I understand that when we are repeatedly sinning, called habitual sin, it is much harder to stop and change.  The same is with all sins.  But nonetheless, that in no way justifies or takes away the guilt for every time we repeat the sin.

I strongly believe that there are thousands of demons attached to the pornography images and videos.  So when a priest, dad or youth opens one of the sites, these legions of demons come into their soul and will continue to work on them day and night.
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 They will not only effect those who go on these sites, but these demons will also contaminate the parishes, homes and families of those who are accessing these legions of demons.

archangel-michael-superI can only surmise that this happens, because the demons are on the people being photographed, those photographing them and all those who are putting them on the internet.  And these terrible demons of fornication, lust and adultery are very strong.

So we need to honestly call a spade a spade and say that pornography is a terrible sin that is destroying the youth by taking their innocence and sexual purity away.  It is perverting all who see these images and destroying the sacredness of sex and marriages.

If someone is in the habitual sin of looking at pornography and (what usually accompanies it), masterbation, then they are no longer free to contract marriage or become priest.  We will never know how many young boys have had their vocation to the priesthood destroyed and lost by starting to look at pornography and masterbating.  Once you get into these sins, it takes a long time to be able to be free from the danger of falling into these sins again.

So we need to pray a great deal, never start looking at these images in the first place and keep sexually pure.    We need to talk about this to boys in an un explicit way like, do not see bad things or do bad things.  With young men we need to be a little more explicit and with greater warning.  Many older brothers, family members and “friends” show pornography to boys and take their innocence away.  Beware of these people.

You can not know how many wonderful altar boys who start seeing pornography and masterbating, stop serving, and even to the point of stop believing in God, so as to not have to deal with this interior conflict and guilt of these habitual sins.

If anyone reading this is in these habitual sins, please go to confession every opportunity you have, once, twice three times a week till you are out of the danger of sinning again.  Pray Hail Marys every time you are tempted.

Virgin Showing the Man of Sorrows_MEMLING, HansFor the love of God, the Church, yourself, your family and society, do absolutely anything and everything you can to break out of this terrible enslavement to the devil and your flesh.  If you have a smart phone, destroy it and get an ordinary phone that only can texts and make calls.  Have no internet access.  What did Jesus say: “If you eyes, hands, feet cause you to sin, pluck it out, cut it off, rather than to end up in hell with all your eyes, hands and feet.

We need God’s help, grace to get out of sin and into a life of sanctity.  Going to Holy Mass and receiving Holy Communion is also important.  But never never ever ever receive Holy Communion after seeing pornography or having committed any sexual sin.  Remember what St. John Vianney said: “When you do this, you are sacrificing Jesus in the Holy Host, to the devil at his feet.”

May God and Mary and all the saints help us live sexually pure lives that are pleasing to God.  We are so fortunate to be traditional Catholics and know that theses habitual sins are worse than the deadly virus of Ebola.