The Sins Of Adultery, Fornication And Lascivious Dancing and Dress, Led To The Murder Of St. John The Baptist And More (Thomas)

King Herod, Herodias, along with many other men and women, allowed their sexual passions to kill their souls and murder other people.  This incident, sexual sins leading to murder, has been constantly repeated through out the history of mankind and especially today with the murder of millions on innocent pre-born babies by abortion.

St. John the Baptist is a great example to us how, we too need to be today, in the world and in the Church, “voices in the desert”.  We must condemn SIN, no matter if it will cost us imprisonment and loosing our heads, (literally or by being kicked out of our parishes, dioceses and families).

St. John the Baptist was a MAN and stood up to the powerful King Herod to condemn him for living in adultery with his brothers wife.  We need to “act manfully” and condemn all Catholics and others who are committing sins.  (Of course we must always do it in humility and charity, remembering we are sinners too.)

John the Baptist_preaching of_BACICCIOIn stead of going along with the secular culture, we need to oppose it.  Right now, some of the most heated and dangerous subjects to speak against are:

1) Homosexual sex and “marriage”.

2) Killing pre-born babies, (that are usually conceived in fornication or adultery).

3) Birth control pills, implants, IUD’s and sterilization.

4) Re-marrying after a Sacramental Catholic marriage.  Also the marriage of non-catholics.

5) Women dressing immodestly and in sexually provocative ways.

6) Divorced and remarried Catholics, homosexuals living in sin, Catholics who are using birth control, and yet want to be welcomed to Holy Communion while living in sin. It is no longer called “sin”, but just a “mistake” or “orientation”.

John the Baptist_beheading_ALGARDI, AlessandroSt. John the Baptist was imprisoned and murdered for manfully standing up against immoral actions, (that Catholics used to be called sins).  King Herod and his brother’s wife and daughter had the power to silenced him by cutting off his head so that he could no longer speak the truth to them or about them.

797px-Puvis_de_Chavannes_Pierre-Cécile_-_The_Beheading_of_St_John_the_Baptist_-_c._1869Their “powerful” kingdom and pleasurable sexual life only lasted for a time.  After that, they were condemned by God to the prison of hell and its burning flames for all eternity.

By contrast, John the Baptist lost his life for being a prophet of God, but was rewarded with an eternity filled with pleasures beyond compare to passing sensual pleasures.

The same thing happened when King Henry VIII wanted sexual pleasure and a male heir to the throne of England.  He also silenced St. Thomas More and St. John Fisher by chopping off their heads, (and many many more English martyrs), just for having said that adultery, (remarrying after a valid Catholic wedding), was evil.  774px-Sir_Thomas_More_and_Bishop_John_FisherThey lost their heads, life and all worldly glory and possession to gain eternity with God.

moremaddoxSex is sacred and wonderful when it is between a man and woman, married for the first time in the Sacrament of marriage, to have as many children as God is so good to bless them with.  Today, for most couples, after the one or two children they decide to have, all other children are considered curses.  The fact is that a child is the greatest created thing God could ever give to two people.

When there is pornography, masterbation, premarital sex, adultery, sex is for pleasure only.   And if, by any chance, a child should be conceived, the child is called “a problem” to be eliminated by the murder of abortion.  It is not something new, immoral sex can lead to murder.  One sin leads to another.  Even if it is what we consider a “small” sin, it can lead to a worst sin.

We see this when people sin by smoking marijuana.  That then leads to using harder drugs.  That in turn supports carteles who torture, rape and murder.   Then we have robberies to support the habit, forge checks, destroyed lives and families and that could end up with inprisionment.

We traditional Catholics are so blessed to be living sexually moral lives that lead to the appreciation of the great gift of sex and every child it brings with it.  It helps us avoid all that leads to an immoral life and what could eventually lead to murder.

Herod, Herodias, her daughter, each one sinned in their own way.  Herod lived with his brothers wife and had St. John murdered by his power as king.  Herodias had hatred for St. John, left her true husband, lived with King Herod and used her daughter to get St. John murdered.  Her daughter sinned by being immodestly dressed and dancing sexually to please the king and his guest.  She was also ambitious and told her mother what the king had said.  She helped kill St. John by getting what the king had promised her for dancing sexually, the head of St. John.

the-head-of-saint-john-the-baptistEach one of us are tempted, in many ways, everyday.  Us, traditional Catholic men, and all other men, are especially tempted sexually.  Reflecting on the cost of sexual sins, (divorce, illegitimate children, single mothers, child support, hatred, drama), through out history, helps us believe Jesus’ loving rules on sexuality.  God is love, and for this reason His laws are loving laws for our good and the good of others.

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to be able to read the Bible, reflect on history and study the lives of the saints.