Bishop Schneider Says Traditional Catholics Are Not “Extremest”, But Rather The Hope For The Future

Bishop Schneider had an interview published in the June 6th 2014, “We Are In The Fourth Great Crisis Of The Church“.  If you have the time please read the whole great article.  Here I have attempted to only highlight the main points in the article.

schneiderIn his interview he said we are in the fourth great crisis of the Church.  This is spearheaded by the liberals in the Church who are collaborating with, what he calls, the “new paganism” and this is actually driving the Catholic Church towards a split.  In this collaboration, we see something like what happened with the fourth-century Arian heresy in which “a large part of the Church hierarchy was implicated”.

The root and cause of this crisis he says is “the “banal” and casual treatment of the Blessed Sacrament by clergy, including some of those in positions of authority, and the laity, who are going along with secular society.  

“The Eucharist is at the heart of the Church,” he said. “When the heart is weak, the whole body is weak.”  He strongly believes that receiving Holy Communion in hand contributes gradually to the loss of the belief in the Real Presence and in transubstantiation.  

It seems that the majority of the clergy and the bishops are content with this modern use of Communion in hand… For me this is incredible. How is this possible, when Jesus is present in the little Hosts?  There is the grievous fact of the loss of the Eucharistic fragments. And the fragments of the consecrated Host are crushed by feet. This is horrible! Our God, in our churches, is trampled by feet!  It is time that the bishops (should) raise their voices for the Eucharistic Jesus who has no voice to defend himself.  Here is an attack on the Most Holy, an attack on the Eucharistic faith.
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vaticanIIHe acknowledges that we have been in this crisis for the last 50 years, (Since Vatican II), with great confusion over doctrine and liturgy.  An example of this “confusion” is clear in the preparation of the Extraordinary Synod coming up this October in Rome:

“I think this issue of the reception of Holy Communion by the remarried will blow up and show the real crisis in the Church. The real crisis of the Church is anthropocentrism and the forgetting of Christo-centrism….  This is the deepest evil: 1) man, or the clergy, putting themselves in the centre when they are celebrating liturgy, (in some churches God, in the tabernacle, is put in a corner, while the priest takes centre stage), and 2) when clergy change the revealed truth of God, for instance, concerning the Sixth Commandment and human sexuality.”  (In this he is referring to homosexuals and divorced people living together or in a second marriage.)

He is very critical of trying to change Catholic pastoral practices, (like giving communion to people living in sin and then calling it mercy).  “This is a kind of sophism.  It is comparable to a doctor who gives a diabetic patient sugar, although he knows it will kill him.”

He says: “Unfortunately there were … members of the clergy and even bishops who put grains of incense in front of the statue of the emperor or of a pagan idol or who delivered the books of the Holy Scripture to be burned. Such collaborationist Christians and clerics were called in those times thurificati or traitors.  We also have those who collaborate, or are traitors of the Faith today”. Laurence_Martyrdom of_CAMPI, AntonioSt Lawrence’s Martyrdom

As a consequence of liberal clergy and laity, he see a split coming eventually.  “I can presume that such a separation will affect each level of Catholics: lay people and even not excluding the high clergy.”

He hopes that this split will eventually lead to a renewal of the Church in a traditional way.   The present “anthropocentric” [man-centred] clerical system will collapse. “This liberal clerical edifice will crash down because they have no roots and no fruits.”   There are hardly any vocations in any of the ordinary dioceses or religious orders.

Bishop Schneider warns that “traditional Catholics may, for a time, be persecuted or discriminated against, even at the behest of those who have “power in the exterior structures of the Church”.  All of us traditional Catholics are already badly persecuted by the people in power in the Church.  Each one of us can tell our own story.

schneiderIn the end, he says “The Supreme Magisterium” will restate clear doctrinal statement, and no longer will go along with neo-pagan world and ideas.  The lack of clarity in the documents of Vatican II has led to this confusion.
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When asked if, as a bishop, it is difficult to speak out against what is happening in the Church, he said; “It is quite insignificant to be popular or unpopular. For every member of the clergy, their first interest should be to be popular in the eyes of God and not in the eyes of today or of the powerful. Jesus said a warning: ‘Woe to you when people speak well of you.’”  

He went on: “Popularity is false… Great saints of the Church, such as Thomas More and John Fisher, rejected popularity… those today who are worried about the popularity of the mass media and public opinion… will be remembered as cowards and not as heroes of the Faith.”Thomas More_Frick_1527

Many “Catholics” who go along with the pagan world, are considered “good” Catholics, while “those who are faithful to the Catholic faith or those who are promoting the glory of Christ in the liturgy, are labelled extremists”.

He also brought up the issue of the poor, which for the liberals seems to trump over morals or sacred liturgy.    We see this when so many Catholics voted for a president who is for murdering of the unborn babies.  They justified this because he is “supposedly” for the poor.  Bishop Schneider contradicts this idea: “This is erroneous. The first commandment which Christ gave us was to adore God alone. Liturgy is not a meeting of friends.
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It is our first task to adore and glorify God in the liturgy and also in our manner of life. From a true adoration and love of God grows love for the poor and our neighbour. It is a consequence

He ends by saying that the traditional Catholics “have kept the purity of their faith and they represent the true power of the Church in the eyes of God and not those who are in administration.”

He ends on a positive note: “I am not worried about the future. The Church is Christ’s Church and He is the real head of the Church, the Pope is only the vicar of Christ. The soul of the Church is the Holy Spirit and He is powerful.”  

Andrew_martyrdom_MURILLO_Bartolom_EstebanSo all of you traditional Catholic bishops, priests, religious and people reading this, you are the ones that Bishop Schneider has said will keep the Catholic faith pure and continuing.  After most of the other bishops, religious, priests, and other “Catholics” continuously put you down, know that God is listening and at least there is one bishop who acknowledges the precious value you have for God’s Catholic Church.  Thank you for your heroic virtues of standing strong while everything seems to be collapsing around us and no one in the Church seems to care.  God and Mary do.