If There Was A Traditional Catholic Car, This Is What It Would Look Like

Let us remember that God ultimately is behind every single minute thing that is happening in the Catholic Church and in the world at this time in history.  And He is going to bring something great out of it all.

photoSo with that in mind, I want to relax a little and allow you to enjoy a beautiful traditional car that was parked on the street near my new house.
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 Traditional, the classical has such powerful attraction to it.

photoIf this mere car has such beauty and class, just think of the traditional classical sacred rites and art of the Holy Catholic Church.

photoAll we have to do is expose them to people and God will draw them to Himself through their great holiness and beauty.


So let us thank God for the gift that the designer of this car had to produce such traditional beauty.photoBut above all, let us thank God for being the designer behind the Mass of all Ages.photo

Which is far more grander and powerful than anything ever created by man.
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