St. King Louis IX And Traditional Catholic Christendom

Catholic Christendom is hierarchal.  This is what has been lost since the French Revolution.  Instead of putting God first, we have replaced Him with “ME”.  My morals, my life, my beliefs and my democratic or republican government.

Christ KingThe Divine order is this.  God is head over all: popes, cardinals, bishops, religious, priests, emperors, kings, queens, all those in charge of governing society, parents and teachers.  All authority comes from above, God, because He is the author of all created reality.  Without Him having created us and nature, without Him holding all of creation in existence, there would be absolutely NOTHING.  We need to be obedient and grateful to God for our existence and all that we have and enjoy.  For this reason we must obey Him.

But the French Revolution turn this upside down, and we are living with our heads below our bodies, (standing on our heads) and it is not working.

French-RevolutionThis week, a man whom I had confessed and to whom I gave the Latin Extreme Unction, died.  They called to have the funeral here at the parish.  When they were told that they could not have a viewing in the church, they got very upset and threatened to called the diocese.

I am not sure what exactly happened, except that the funeral has been moved to the Basilica downtown.  I am guessing, that maybe the diocese, instead of telling the people to accept the rules at St. Catherine, may have helped them have the viewing at this other parish.  No matter what, in most places, the church has become a place to please people.  The church wants to keep people happy and avoid conflicts and law suits.

St. King Louis IX was not like that.  He respected Church authority, because, he was a holy, humble Catholic king.  He knew very well that his kingship was nothing more than an office given him by God to serve Him.  Therefore, everything he did was to please God and enforce God’s rules with justice.  He very well knew that upon his death he would have to give a strict account of every action he had taken under this very serious office of kingship.

384px-Saint_Louis_en_tenue_royaleBecause of this, he was very charitable to the all, especially to the poor, whom he would serve at his table and eat what they left over.  He would wash their feet and help the lepers.  He knew that the blessing of peace came through the poor.  He also built many hospitals.  Under his kingship, he built the great famous and beautiful  “Sainte Chappelle”.

He had a playful humor, courage, common sense, graciousness, and kindness.

As a child, his holy mother Queen Blanche, told him; “I would rather see you dead at my feet, than guilty of a mortal sin”.  From then on, he was very guarded against all temptations.  He accomplished this by prayer, fasting and penance, (like wearing a hair shirt), that none of his subjects knew about.
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490px-Saint_Louis_roi_de_France_remettant_la_regence_a_sa_mere_Blanche_de_Castille_par_Joseph-Marie_VienHe believed in Christendom to the point of leading two Crusades.  1248 and 1270.  He was captured in the first one and later, after making a treaty, was released.  He set many Catholics, in the East, free from their enslavement to the muslims and converted many of the infidels.  On his second Crusade against the Saracens, he died of the plague in Tunis.   As he died, he prayed; “I will worship toward they holy temple and praise Thy Name.”

The whole concept of governments being elected by people and doing what the electorates demand is against Christendom and against God.  Morals and laws are not created by man, but by God.

The Church has changed to accept that Her role as merely a spiritual leader that tries to influence government by giving it moral advice.  That has not worked and is wrong.  The more the Church officials have given power over to The State, less and less influence the Church has had.  We can see this now with the Church here in the USA being told to pay for insurance that pays for the murdering of the unborn, sterilization of men and women and birth control, (Human Health Mandate).

French-Revolution1Government has to be subordinate to God’s laws and the authority of the Catholic Church.  The Church has lost all Her authority because She started practicing the heresy of separation of State and Church.  That is not Catholic and it does not work.  And that is why the government is now dictating to the Church in many areas of its practices and agencies.  When well the pope and bishops learn?

It will not be long before the State forces us to break God’s commandment and bless homosexual unions in Catholic churches.   Some bishops, religious and priests are in favor of homosexual unions, so it will be acceptable to them in this area of the governments mandates.  But they will eventually loose all their independence to the government, as happened under socialist governments before, and they will not be happy about that.  But it will be too late.  Sad to say, it is already too late.  Our Church leaders have already given over the keys to God’s Kingdom to His enemy.

The freemasons have infiltrated many governments of the world where the Church use to have influence and some say in the Government.   They did this by rebellions and then replacing Catholic influenced governments with masonic governments, (Texas, Florida, Louisiana, and Mexico, just to name a few).  That is called “filibuster”.   The star is a masonic symbol, (a pentagram).  Why do you think Texas is now the “Lone Star” state?  The masons put the star onto the US flag.

Padre David UribePadre David Uribe Gave His Life For Christ The King On April 12, 1927

So we traditional Catholics will pray, expose the truth, and above all, put our wills, lives and possessions at the disposal of Christ Our King.  We will continue to talk about Christendom even when we are ridiculed for being simplistic and old fashioned.

St. King Louis of France was a true Catholic and believed and practiced the rules of Christendom.  God rewarded him on earth and forever in Heaven.  It was not easy for him then, and it will be much harder for us now.
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 But, we still have the same God, “Who made heaven and earth”, and do not forget, we are on His side and He is on our side.