Traditional Catholic Requiem Latin Masses

Rather than having lay Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion take Holy Communion to the shut-ins of our parish, I go every first Sunday of the month to give them Holy Communion.

communionWhile making these visits, I met Norma.  She had been suffering from a stroke for the last 4 years.  I could only give her a tiny piece of Holy Communion.  A week ago, I was called to give her Extreme Unction.  When ever I am asked to do this, I simply tell the people I will be giving the traditional Latin Extreme Unction.

DeathAll are thankful for the reverence and the extra time it takes to administer this Holy Sacrament.  I explain to them the part where the eyes, ears, mouth, nose, hands and feet are anointed with the Oil of the Sick.  As the Holy Oil is applied, the prayers asks God to forgive the person for the sins they have committed in what they have heard, what they have seen, what they have said, what they have smelled, what their hands have done in any sinful way, and in what their feet have lead them to sin.  It is very powerful.  (Just imagine how many horrible sins that our bodies have helped us commit in a life time).

photoSo, when Norma died, they asked me to do the Funeral and it was to be in Spanish.  I called the family and asked if I could offer a Requiem Latin Mass instead.  It turned out that her mother goes to the Latin Mass at St. Catherine’s.

They appreciated my visits and the Extreme Unction in Latin so much that they said that that would be fine with them.  So, I offered the Low Tridentine Requiem Mass for Norma, (along with the traditional grave blessing with Holy Water and Incense).

Again, yesterday, I offered a Requiem Missa Cantata for Larry, who has been very involved in the traditional Latin Mass community.  He had come to my Latin Mass on the Assumption, received Holy Communion and died the next morning.  His family is not traditional, but his exact wishes were for him to get the blessings of the Latin Requiem Mass.
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photophotoThe prayers of the Latin Requiem Mass are so much more powerful for the soul of the deceased than the Novus Ordo Mass for the dead.  Most people do not believe me, so I say, just compare the two masses for yourself.  Get a Requiem Mass booklet from Coalition of Ecclesia Dei, (Phone # (845) 724-7151), and then go to USCCB and print up the New Mass for the Dead and compare the prayers and blessings.  Scientific evidence is always undeniable.

photoI had to get a very special permission from the National Cemetery to be able to go to Larry’s grave to bless and incense it.  All the services are at little seating areas far from the grave sites.  Thank God we were able to go.  Only myself and the altar boys could go.

It is so much better to be buried in a Catholic Cemetery that is Consecrated Ground.  Also, when you are buried, you want to have you feet facing east, so that when your body rises and stands up at the Second Coming of Jesus, you are facing toward the East from where He will be coming.

photoI had a great talk with the man who accompanied me to the grave site about experiencing God by observing nature.
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  People are too much into technology and TV to be looking at God’s wonderful nature.

Death_Skull_CHAMPAIGNE, Philippe deWe traditional Catholic souls are so blessed to receive so many graces and help to get out of Purgatory from the Latin Prayers and the Requiem Mass.