True Traditional Catholic Priest, Fr Jean-Marie Charles-Roux, Dies At 99 In Rome

Fr Jean-Marie Charles-Roux was an aristocrat traditional Catholic priest who died in Rome at the age of 99.  He loved tradition, especially Catholic tradition and loved Marie Antoinette.  He also believed very strongly in Christ the King over society and in Kings and Queens having a special place in God’s divine plan.   “For Altar and King“; the Vendee’s motto.



Here are a few comments about a great Catholic priest.

He was not in favour of “modern” liturgy and he lived long enough to see the traditional way of doing things come back into favour. But he had long ceased to play any active role in the life of the Church by that stage. Indeed, though a very social man, he was adept at avoiding people and situations that he found distasteful. He had retired from the field, shell-shocked in the culture wars. For him, everything had gone wrong a long time ago, indeed in 1789: the French Revolution had been the start of the continuing catastrophe through which we were all living still.”  Catholic

tridentine mass 3When the New Mass came in I tried it in English, French, Italian, even in Latin – but it was like a children’s game,’ he told me. ‘So I wrote to Pope Paul, whom I had known when he was Cardinal Montini, and said, Holy Father, either you let me celebrate the Old Mass or I leave the priesthood and marry the first pretty girl I meet.’  The Spectator

May God raise up many many more holy sophisticated traditional priests to take his place.