My Purchase Of A House In Laveen Arizona

After being pastor of St. Patrick’s Catholic Parish in Escalon, California for 10 years, I renounced it after having been greatly persecuted for standing up against women’s immodest dress at church and for promoting the Latin Mass.

But I also did it to try to start the “Order of St. Pius V”, that would be a group of priests who would help the movement of the Holy Spirit in Catholics rediscovering all the traditional Catholic treasure thrown out in the sewer since Vatican II.   This group of priests would travel around the world to help what God is doing to restore His Holy Church by instructing and showing Catholics about their sacred Catholic treasures that they do not even know exist.

IMG_9354Molly’s Place In Valley Springs California

At that time, I had no place to move to.  But God, Mary and my good traditional Catholic friend, Molly Waters, provided a place for me to live at her ranch in Valley Springs, Cal after she moved to Idaho.

IMG_9361Families having a good time at Molly’s Ranch

What was so wonderful about this ranch, was that all my traditional Catholic families could come on the weekends and enjoy, praying the Holy Rosary, visiting, talking, fishing, canoeing, and most of all great pot lucks.

So since coming to Phoenix, I have always wanted a similar place where I could be a little in the country and where, if God wills, I could start a house for the order and a place where families could come and enjoy each other.  I have been looking for a long time, but being I only have a little money, and there has been nothing within my budget.

photoA month ago, a Real Estate woman from the Latin Mass told me about this little house on 1.1 acres.  It is 15 minutes from St. Catherine’s in the city of Laveen.  They were asking $135,000.  The house was a guesthouse for the house next door and was cut off and sold.  For this reason, the house does not have water or electricity.  But any house here, somewhat in the country, on 1 acre goes for $250,000 or more.  So, I purchased the house for $125,000.

photo photo photo The Electricity is going to cost $5,000 for the meter, $2700 for the poles to be put in, $8,000 to bring the electricity from the pole to the house, and more for the new electric panel.  And because the house is too close to the property line, I am told I need to get a variance before I can have permission to get the electricity.

Needless to say, it has been very very challenging.  I have wondered if this was a good idea or not so many times.  But wonderful things are happening.

I met one of the neighbors.  As I was sitting and sweating in the house with no air conditioniting, he came over to invited me over to his house for lunch.  I met his wife who is from Spain and his son and new wife.  I could not believe that strangers would invite me to eat with them.  I told them all about my mission for traditional Catholics and beauty.

Then I met another man, (who was blocking the road out as he loaded a tractor on a truck.
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 He  helped me get a used 1500 gallon water tank for $600.  Friends from St. Catherine and California helped me dig a ditch and run water to the house.  But for some reason there is very very little water pressure in the house.  (Water hardly comes out of faucets).

photo photo photoLater I met the man’s wife (who helped me get the tank).  Right off, she told me I could use her swimming pool any time without having to ask.

We have been having flooding here in Phoenix and this family had rocks and mud come down on their back yard and it cause their garage to be flooded.  They are older, and the man has a bad back.  So I offered the older Latin Mass Altar boys to come and help dig out the rocks and mud.  Just as we finished working very hard today, it stormed again and would have flooded their place again if it had not been for the work that we got done.

The man is a baptist and I think his wife goes with him to his church.  But she went to St. Catherine’s School when she was young.  Her daughter goes to the Latin Mass at Mater Misericordiae Mission.  When I explained why I came to Phoenix (to promote the Latin Mass), she told me she loves the Latin Mass.

photo photo photoWhile we were working, another neighbor came over and I was able to meet her too.  I am very happy about all this because I wondered if the neighbors would object to me making some sort of religious house there and having families come over to visit me.  But, by the way things are going so far, it seems that they are very happy to have me in their small community.  I am happy to be there too.

photoThe man, for whom we clean the mud and rocks for, had offered to sell me a generator for $1000 so I could have electricity.  Today, as we were working, he said he will lend it to me for free.

I just think it is so fantastic how God is working in this situation.  This whole project has been so difficult, but it sure is interesting how it continues to work out.