Pope Pius IX Said NO To Change, “Catholicism Can Not Change”.

The president of the United States won his election by promoting “CHANGE“.  People are fed up with having to work, having to deal with problems and having to be responsible.  For this reason they want a change that makes their lives easy as their lazy fallen flesh wants it to be.  They want a change where they have money, food, sex, shopping, fun, health, travel and fun without having to go to work everyday to pay for it.
Arena Chapel - BetrayalBut then at the same time, they want a place where their is no more crime or war.  But they fail to see that the changing of christian morals and traditions are what is causing all the crime, fighting in families and wars.  Sin, personal and collective, causes war.  There will never be lasting peace until people obey God’s laws.  Only then they will have peace in their hearts from a clean conscience.
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People also want the Catholic Church to change so they can get rid of the guilt that their guilty conscience is producing.  When there is still a Church saying, sin is sin, you want to get rid of that nagging voice that goes against your goal of selfish indulgence.  As that famous saying goes; “All that Catholic guilt stuff, yuk”.
No, no matter how you want things to change to fit your desires, your life style,  the Church of Christ cannot change Biblical truths or dogmas given to us by God.  When will people wake up and realize they cannot and never will be able to change God.
Council-of-TrentHere is a great quote from Pope Pius IX on the absolute unchangeable Catholic Teachings.
For the Church of Christ, watchful guardian that she is, and defender of the dogmas deposited with her, never changes anything, never diminishes anything, never adds anything to them; but with all diligence she treats the ancient documents faithfully and wisely; if they really are of ancient origin and if the faith of the Fathers has transmitted them, she strives to investigate and explain them in such a way that the ancient dogmas of heavenly doctrine will be made evident and clear, but will retain their full, integral, and proper nature, and will grow only within their own genus – that is, within the same dogma, in the same sense and the same meaning.” — Pope Pius IX
In his times, this drive for change came mostly from outside pressures and the freemasons.  But now it is from outside and from inside the Catholic Church.
These enemies of divine revelation extol human progress to the skies, and with rash and sacrilegious daring would have it introduced into the Catholic religion as if this religion were not the work of God but of man, or some kind of philosophical discovery susceptible of perfection by human efforts.”– Pope Pius IX
Misa_MosaicoSMarcos-thumb-420x326-8876And if you fight “these enemies” that Pope Pius IX talks about, which any good followers of Jesus Christ must do,  we are automatically labelled as extremest and evil because we go against changing God’s laws.  Popes bishops, religious, priests and fellow Catholics call us evil traditionalist and write us off as eccentric.
Then that makes all the saints and popes before Vatican II “EXTREMIST, EVIL, ECCENTRIC AND TRADITIONALIST” too.   Maybe that is how almost everyone in the Catholic Church can change things that are never changed before, by justifying that everyone before them, including Pope Pius IX, was evil, extremist, eccentric and overboard traditionalists.
10171141_305333999622320_4747916097927774090_nNo, the Bible is right, the Deposit of Faith given to the Church by the Apostles is right, and Catholic Dogma is still unchangeable.   And those who go against these Biblical morals and go along with changing of the Church teachings, are the ones who are WRONG.
As has been said before, in these evil end times, good will be seen as evil and evil as good.  We are so blessed to be educated traditional Catholics and to be saved from all these evil CHANGES.
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