St. Joachim, Jesus Only Grandfather, Man Of Faith

The day after the Great Feast of The Assumption of Mary into the Glory of heaven, is the feast of St. Joachim, her father.  At times we can over do the sentimentality of the saints and forget they come from real ordinary families, just like our own.

Joachim_annunciation to_CRANACH, Lucas the ElderThe name Joachim means; “Yahweh prepares”.  God prepared the redemption of His people by means of Mary, the daughter of Joachim and Ann.  In their old age, God blessed them with greatest gift to mankind, (out side of Jesus), Mary.
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mary-undoer-of-knotsIt is important to remember that things are not always as they seem to appear.  Joachim and Ann had lived their lives being faithful to God with no significant events.  But then, toward the end of their lives, God blesses ALL OF HUMANITY, by allowing them to be the parents to the Immaculata Mary.  She was the one that God would use to give humanity to His Son Jesus in her womb.  Jesus’ humanity is what bridged God to man so as to reconcile us in a permeant way.  He died for us in His humanity taken from Mary.

So when things may appear to be insignificant and life seems to be over, we never know what great plans God has for the last years of our lives.  Abraham and Sarah were very old when God used them to give us Isaac, the beginning of all Jews and Catholics.
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 Zachariah and Elizabeth were old when they were given John the Baptists.

Joachim_Annunciation to_BOCCACCINO, BoccaccioToday, we are alive, no matter what age we are.  Today we may feel that our lives are insignificant.  But, who knows what GREAT plans God has in store for us.

May we be humble, prayerful, joyful and ready to act when God so deems us to do whatever He needs for His plans to reform and restore of His Holy Catholic Church.  We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and ready to serve God and Mary, no matter how great or how tiny that job may be.  God’s time.  God’s way.  And for God’s glory only.