Blessed Mary Of The Divine Heart And The Consecration Of The World To The Sacred Heart

All over the world people know about St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, (1647 – 1690), to whom Jesus appeared and asked that she spread devotion to the LOVE of His Most Sacred Heart.

But hardly anyone knows about Blessed Mary of the Divine Heart to whom was given the mission by Jesus to have the world consecrated to His Sacred Heart.

Maria Droste zu Vischering was born in Germany to one of the most wealthy and noble families of Germany.Maria_Droste_zu_Vischering_2Here family lived in the Palace Erbdorstenhof in Münster and Darfeld Castle in Germany.

But something greater and more attractive called her to the religious life.  Jesus spoke to her in her heart and said: “Thou shalt be the wife of My Heart“.


She also saw the very importance of connecting the love of the Sacred Heart to the love for the Blessed Sacrament.

I could never separate the devotion to the Heart of Jesus to the devotion to the Blessed Sacrament, and I never was able to explain how much the Sacred Heart of Jesus deigned to favor me in the Blessed Sacrament of the Eucharist.

Her life, like all the chosen souls, was filled with sacrifice and problems.  But she connected them to the Love Jesus has for His elect.

Maria_Droste_zu_Vischering_3I began to understand that without the spirit of sacrifice, the love of the Heart of Jesus is merely an illusion.

Jesus asked her to have Pope Leo XIII consecrate the whole world to His Sacred Heart.  Her spiritual director sent him a letter on June 10, 1898, but the pope did not believe her.  Since it was Jesus asking her, she again wrote on January 6, 1899.  In this letter she contained evidence, (Jesus had informed Blessed Mary of the incurable illness the pope was very concerned about and no one else knew about), and that he would live so as to be able to consecrate the world.  He mentioned this illness in his Encyclical  Annum Sacrum.

There is one further reason that urges us to realize our design; We do not want it to pass by unnoticed. It is personal in nature but just as important: God the author of all Good has saved us by healing us recently from a dangerous disease.”

Maria_Droste_zu_Vischering_4Miraculously Blessed Mary died on the feast day of the Sacred Heart on June 8, 1899.  The consecration of the whole world was done on the Sunday June 10, two days after her death.

Maria_Droste_zu_Vischering_6The incorrupt body of Blessed Mary of the Divine Heart.

I remember reading about Blessed Mary that Jesus told her when she moved to Portugal, that she was  the only soul He could count on in that country at that time.  I also remember that she was very disappointed in Pope Leo XIII because he had given into political pressures and made concessions to Masonic government officials in Germany and Austria.  She knew very well about these things since her father was of nobility, wealthy and involved in Government issues.pope-leo-xiii

But Pope Leo XIII changed after his vision of the devil asking God to be able to destroy the Catholic Church.  He then became very concerned about the evil of Freemasonry and wrote many many encyclicals condemning them.

Many saints have promoted the devotion and love to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  In this photo we see St. Catherine of Siena and Blessed Mary of the Divine Heart adoring Jesus’ Heart.sacred2The title on this picture is actually incorrect as to that of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque and is actually as I stated, Blessed Mary of the Divine Heart.

May each one of us be willing to live a life of sacrificial love for Jesus and be rewarded with His eternal love forever in Heaven.  We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to know that Jesus’ love is so strong for us.  HE is taking care of us each second of our lives.