Tradition, Especially Catholicism, Has Powerful Attraction

Here in South Phoenix, Arizona, there are many many charter schools  In less than 6 months this charter school, (Heritage Academy, grades 7 – 12, ), was built.  It opened last week for this curriculum year.  Notice how they tied into the traditional New England architecture.  Why?  Because it automatically conveys a sense of history, stability and value to those who are interested in going to this

photoThe people behind this charter school are brilliant.  They know exactly what gives a new school a sense of old scholastic greatness.  Here are two of the architectural renderings that convey the same message. photophoto


It also has historical persons on its sign, to further give that sense of being in a line of traditional persons going for greatness.


I have watched this massive traditional school being built in less than 6 months.  What I have lamented, through out the whole processes, was the knowledge that we are building very few, if any, new traditional Catholic Churches or schools like this one.  And I lamented the fact that there is definitely plenty of money and speed to build a charter school, yet there is hardly any money or effort put into building new schools and churches for the King of Kings, Jesus Christ.  Why is this?  Because eternal things no longer have preference in our world today and we Catholics are too busy accumulating our own personal wealth.

Next door to this school is another Charter School.  It also has taken advantage of the strong sentiments that the concept of tradition, invokes.  It is called Legacy Traditional School.  Notice the script used on the sign, the old feather pen and the antique inkwell.  photo

We traditional Catholics know that this is how God created humans.  It is built into our nature to be attracted to what is beautiful, lasting and secure.  That is why we, the few traditional Catholics that we are, need to keep on protecting what God has given humanity through the traditions of the Holy Catholic Church.

Yes we need traditional architecture and beauty, but we especially need the traditional Holy Latin Mass, the Mass of All Ages.

WorcesterWe are not just about symbols, we have the real thing, Jesus Christ’s Church and teachings, today, tomorrow and forever.