Traditional Latin Mass Altar Boys Discern Vocation To Holy Priesthood

Every Friday evening, after the 5:30 Latin Mass, all the Altar Boys practice their Holy Mass parts or help newcomers to learn how to serve the Latin Mass.  This Friday there was a meeting with their parents to go over the importance of what their sons are doing for God and for His Catholic Church as Altar Boys.

photoThen, Fr. Joseph Lee FSSP, gave a talk to the boys 12 and older about the call to the priesthood.  Fr. Lee is helping out at Mater Misericordiae Mission where Fr. Walker was murdered.  He will be returning in September to teach Canon Law at the Fraternity’s Seminary, Our Lady Of Guadalupe in Denton Nebraska.

photoIn his talk on vocation to the priesthood, he first explained to them the meaning of the Latin word Vocare, to call.  He explained that in order to hear God’s call, as to what is your vocation in life may be, you need to do several things:

1) Have quiet time to be able to hear God’s directions for your life.

2) Discern if it is God’s call or not by investigating if you have the ability to follow through.

3) The call may come in different ways and at different times.

4) Take time to pray everyday.

As to how to fight against sexual impurity that attacks many priestly vocations he suggested:

1) Keep busy.  A bag full of water has no room for anything else.  A life full of God and good actions, (work, helping parents, studies and sports), has no time for pornography and sexual sins.

2) Have good holy healthy friends.

3) Get rid of the Smart Phone.  It is always distracting and can be a temptation to look at pornography or other bad things on Facebook.

4) Have discipline in your life.

FT_Nuns_DeclineMay many of you young men who are generous with God, seriously investigate if God may be calling you to sacrifice your life to become a traditional Catholic priest.  This may mean sacrificing and giving up:

1) Your desire for marriage.

2) Your desire to be loved by a woman.

3) Your desire for children.

4) Your desire for fast cars.

5) Your desire for money.

6) Your desire for sexual pleasures.

7) Your desire to be important.

558629_234121936743527_2073920658_n-2God is looking for some humble servants willing to sacrifice all to follow His Son Jesus Christ.  There is nothing more difficult than to be a traditional Catholic priest.  But there is absolutely nothing as meaning full as a life dedicated to Jesus’ Church and to saving souls.