Old Traditional Catholic Churches Are Being Supported By “Detroit Mass Mob”

A great thing is happening in Detroit.  A lawyer started a thing called Detroit Mass Mob where people combining religion and history set a Sunday to visit one of the great old Detroit Churches.
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 One of them was Sweetest Heart of Mary Catholic Church (click on name of parish for the story) at 4440 Russell St. Detroit. Michigan.5387605313_2f9d175e4b[1]

3233b7ab74d415ab2a662895d771f4a4This church is one of the most beautiful churches ever in the United States.  It is in the old part of Detroit where there are miles and miles of abandon houses caused by the marxist mayor Detroit had.
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The Sunday before they went to St. Joseph’s Church 1828 Jay St. (near Eastern Market St.), also in Detroit.

You read read about them at: www.detroitmassmob.com.

detroit_sweetest[1]Outside of Sweetest Heart of Mary

One visitor said: “I never thought I’d see a communion rail again.” Most of those involved are people who have familiar roots or cultural roots (Polish) with these old beautiful churches.  They had to be told to be quiet before mass.  So you can imagine that they are not what we would call “traditional Catholics”.  But just the mare amount of interest tells us that we are on the right trail of God to preserve the sacredness and beauty of traditional Catholicism.