The Great Treasure Of The Latin Mass That Most Catholics Do Not Know Or Do Not Like

August 6th is the Transfiguration of Jesus on Mt. Tabor.  We celebrated it with the Holy Latin Missa Cantata.

transfiguration_ANGELICO, FraAs I was offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, again, I was struck with its sacredness and what a great treasure it really is.

Here is some evidence that it is the great treasure given to us by God;

1) It is ancient and sacred, a liturgy that was left to us by Jesus.

2)  It development has been guided by the Holy Ghost and has developed VERY VERY SLOWLY over HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of years.

3) Anyone who studies or offers this mass is struck by reverence given to the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ by the priest and those who receive Him in Holy Communion.

4) The multilayered actions of the priest, altar boys, people and choir at each one of the different Holy Latin Masses (Low Mass, Missa Cantata, Solemn High Mass).

a) The priest doing his part perfectly according to the strict rubrics.

b) The altar boys assisting the priest by doing their parts with precision.

c) The people praying and doing their part of offering themselves to God in union with Jesus.

d) The cantor, the organist and choir doing their part by adding to the grandeur of the Holy Mass by their beautiful singing and music.

Messa-in-latino 2After intellectually studying the genius of the Latin Mass, you can then go and just experience it.  Especially at the times in the Holy Mass when there are multilayered actions going on at the same time.  Like when the priest is saying the Sanctus Sanctus Sanctus, the altar boys are ringing the bells and the choir is singing the same prayers, but at a different pace.   And when each one is doing their part together, it truly effects a real participation in heaven while we are still here on earth.  It is a taste of the divine.

How blessed are the few traditional Catholics who are to be able to enter into this divine action of God at the Missa Cantata, and experience its beauty that comes down from heaven.

How sad it is that so many Catholics have never experience this sacred experience.  But what is really sad and plain out evil, is that many Catholic despise God’s treasure of the Holy Latin Mass just because they think they know better than God and do not like Latin.
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Hans Bol_Prayer Book_Belgium (Antwerp)_1582_Francois-Hercule de France a la Messe_BNF_Latin 10564_fol. 6vThese catholics have been influenced by the protestant meal, (done in memory last supper), that has been detached from Jesus sacrifice on the cross at Calvary.  At these popular protestantized masses, everyone is happy, (like MacDonald’s Happy mean), because they are able to get an easy fast religious experience accompanied by a lot of human fellowship and adulation.

Most people would take the Beatles any day over Bach.
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 Most people do not even know who I mean when I say Bach.  They are totally ignorant of the great classical musical pieces.  But just because they are ignorant does not take away from the genius and beauty of Bach’s music.

Latin Mass Easter 2010 004May God help us show other Catholics the great treasure of the Holy Latin Mass.  May we also share it with all people, so they also can experience a bit of heaven here on earth.  But above all we want to pray that God will open the hearts and minds of these people to be able to see that God is the artist behind His work of the Holy Latin Mass and is an eternal gift to everyone from Him.