Traditional Catholics, Don’t Forget What Jesus Said: “Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled, Nor Let It Be Afraid.”

With the situation of Catholic prelates openly rebelling against Biblical Catholic morals, we traditional Catholics can become depressed and overwhelmed with sadness.  Cardinal Walter Kasper, when speaking on the upcoming Extraordinary Synod on Marriage, said,kasper_thisone-440x287Jesus’s teaching on the indissolubility of sacramental marriage is clear, the retired German cardinal said, and it would harm individuals and the Church to pretend otherwise. However, “after the shipwreck of sin, the shipwrecked person should not have a second boat at his or her disposal, but rather a life raft” in the form of the sacrament of Communion.”  Photo and quote taken from Catholic

It is precisely this double talk coming from the Vatican, cardinals, bishops, religious and priests that is doing the Church, Catholics and non Catholics, who read this, great spiritual and moral harm.

But what is even worse, is that it also hurts the Holy Sacrament of Marriage on which the family is strengthen, by God’s graces, to stay faithful and together.  When the family breaks down, the children suffer, single mothers suffer and crime go up.  Then, the foundation of society is destroyed and we are seeing the results everywhere we look.

Then, when we go to church, catechism classes, sacramental prep classes or to the parish office, we are subjected all sorts of practicing Catholics dressing immorally and who pridefully object to Catholic teachings.

Then if you read the news on the internet, (I have read no news since Ash Wednesday), you hear about airplanes being shot out of the air over the Ukraine and children killed in Gaza and Iraq. A few days ago a friend told me about the horrible videos on Youtube where it shows muslims taking Catholic and other christians boys and men out into the desert and shooting them in the back of their heads.  He said that the boys are begging to not be killed as they are being shot.

Two Saturdays ago the corner grocery store a few blocks from our church was held up at gun point.  It ended with a shoot out and thank God the criminal was caught.
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 I knew about this because I could not drive on that street all day because it was ribboned off.  Then, Thursday, four air-condition units of the grammar school here where destroyed as thieves tore out the copper elements to sell.  Each one cost $5,000.

Just this Saturday, as I was going to hear confessions I had to see a young man and a prostitute coming back to their drug house.  Anyway the young man boulted when the police came, leaving his bicycle on the ground and jumping over the fence.  The prostitute was arrested and the drugs confiscated.  photophotoThis all happened across from where I live, (the brick reddish brown building in the photo is our office and where I live).  I have to see this all the time.  What is wrong with society, the Church.

“Through the voice of my groaning, my bone hath cleaved to my flesh.  I am become like to a pelican of the wilderness: I am like a night raven in the house.  I have watched, and am become as a sparrow all alone on the housetop.  All the day long my enemies reproached me: and they that praised me did swear against me.  For I did eat ashes like bread, and mingled my drink with weeping.”  Psalm 101: 6-10.

Where do we traditional Catholics have to go to lay down our heads and rest awhile?  Jesus is waiting for us and gives us great consolation with His words:

“Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, do I give unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, nor let it be afraid.
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 John 14: 27.

10334460_628860477204704_2345939455710502595_nAll we can do is the part that has been given to us to do. We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics, but we need to remember that blessed can also mean HAPPY.  So if we are always depressed because of all the evil in the Church and all around us, we do not have sufficient faith in the All Powerful God we love and are serving.