40 Days For Life Phoenix Sept. 24 to Nov. 2

Once again there will be a 40 Days For Life starting Sept. 24th here in Phoenix.  It will be held atThe Family Planning Assoc. 1331 N. 7th. St. Phoenix Arizona.



We had an organizing meeting Tuesday afternoon.  Fr. David Kemna FSSP was there.

photoHe has taken the place of the late Fr. Kenneth Walker at Mater Misericordiae Mission.  It was a joy to talk with him and have him here with us in Phoenix.  He is doing his part to maintain traditional Catholicism.  Welcome Fr. Kemna to Phoenix.  photoYou can see in this photo Fr. Walker and Fr. Terra in the 40 Days For Life.

After the meeting I was invited to have dinner with Fr. Walkers parents who are here in Phoenix to pack up Fr. Walker’s possessions and take them back to Kansas.  Although it was sad, we had a great discussion about him and the condition of the Catholic Church.

Mr. Walker said that his son has had effect on lives all over the world, where ever they had lived as a family, or where he had studied, (including Canada and Europe).  His mother showed me the traditional vestments she had made for him and the one in which he had been ordained.  The parish where they go do not have their own vestments, so they are going to donate them to be used there.

photoAs we murder millions of pre born babies, it is NO wonder we can murder priests and anyone else we do not value.  Thank God we are traditional Catholics, value the gift of life  and work to save innocent lives.