10 Simple Things Traditional Catholic Priests and Lay People Can Do To Help God And The Church

64248_248412811981106_1763913629_nFor all of you wonderful traditional priests, here are 10 things we can do for our part to help God, His Holy Catholic Church and the world:

1) Offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Latin Mass with great faith and devotion.

2) Preach the truth in our homilies even when we will be persecuted for it.

3) Always be available for Holy Confession.  And when we hear confession, spend the time to help people see the gravity of their sins, (especially their sexual sins), how immodest dress offends God and the need of the Sacraments, prayer and putting God first in their lives.

4) Pray the Latin Breviary.

5) Pray the Holy Rosary, (All 15 decades).

6) Write a blog.

7) Show love and concern for everyone we come in contact with all day long.

8) Live what we believe in and preach.

9) Let God be the focus of our priesthood, (get ourselves out of the way) so that He can do the greatest part of the work.

10) With humility do our part and then leave the other part to God and others.

Each one of us, we have to do ONLY what God is asking of us.  For some of us it could be an enormous task.  For others, it may be just praying in a convalescent bed for the Church and conversion of sinners.

1483439_284813228341064_316487545_nHere is a list of 10 things you as lay people can do.

1) Go out of your way, make the sacrifice to go to the Holy Latin Mass.

2) Be sure you are living a life of holiness, far away from mortal sin.  (There is no excuse to sin.)

3) Deeply caring about your own eternal soul and trying to save others souls from hell.

4) Pray before the Blessed Sacrament every week.  (Better if you can everyday.)

5) Pray the 15 Mysteries of the Holy Rosary everyday asking Mary to conquer the devil and all other evil people that are destroying the Catholic Church.  For the conversion of sinners.
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6) Take time, in a disciplined way, to really learn your traditional Catholic faith.
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7) Teach people the traditional Catholic Catechism.  We have a fantastic traditional lay man who teaches youth and adult catechism.  He has an incredible effect on each of his students.

8) Speak the Catholic truth with love but also without fear, even when others will look down on you and persecute you.

9) Dress modestly and formally, showing true traditional Catholic class.  You will be surprised at the respect you will get by dressing sophisticatedly.

10) Use the media, blogs, magazines, anything you can to share your traditional Catholic faith.  Even if your blog only saves one soul, it was more than well worth all your sacrifices and time you put into it.  One eternal soul is worth more than all of creation.

Green_Mass_Priest_Sacred HostSo, all things said; we do our part, and then we leave ALL THE REST up to God to do His part.  Then we let go, relax, have faith and trust in the all powerful God to do His action, in His time and in His way.  Remember, “Our help in in the name of the Lord, who made heaven and earth.”