Only Priests Should Be Exorcizing With Bishop’s Approval, Not Lay Catholics

God is extremely, extremely powerful against the devil and all other evil entities.  All who hate God, flee at His presence.  God has allowed Mary, by her holiness, humility and purity to humiliate the devil.  So, each one of us traditional Catholics should not fear him.  Again we need to fear and love God, not the devil.

Christ with God the Father_MAULBERTSCH, Franz AntonBut, this being said, we should be very cautious when we know that there is demonic activity or possession.  And that is where a bishop or priest should deal with the situation.

Everyone can and should use traditionally exorcized holy water (Salt and Water having been exorcized and blessed in old Holy Water Blessing Rite).  Crucifixes, scapulars, blessed medals (especially the St. Benedict’s medal), are very effective ordinary Catholic things that everyone can use..  Bless exorcized salt, by itself, is an excellent sacramental to use because it last a long time and can be sprinkled everywhere.

On the feast of Epiphany there is a very special house blessing.  In this blessing, incense is used.  Blessed incense is especially effective because it can enter into every crevice of a building where the demons could be hiding.

God Almighty from the Ghent Altarpiece_EYCK, Jan vanBut again, lay people should not be messing around and casting devils out of people or places.  Many times at my parish the charismatic would be in a class room exorcizing people with out even telling me or asking me for help.

Another terrible problem, that exist right now, is that many dioceses do not have a priest exorcist appointed.  Liberal bishops and priests see no need for exorcists.  And many many people are obsessed with no one to help them.

Liberal Catholics do not want to talk about hell, the eternal consequence of un-repented sin.  So they downplay satan and all supernatural evil powers.  Priests who preach on the real Catholic Biblical teaching on the existence of hell, are punished and silenced by their bishops.   And people die everyday going to eternal damnation because we were silent about these fundamental spiritual realities.

Sacrifice of Jesus Christ, Son of God, Gathering and Protecting Mankind_FLORIS, FransWhen you water down sin, there is no evil.  When there is no evil, there is no hell.  When there is no evil, there is no devil.  When there is no devil, there is no hell and therefore there are no eternal consequences to disobeying God.

From “Supertradmum” blog,
…. Having spoken with three exorcists, I want to warn readers about several things.

H092_Devil-2“1) Only a priest exorcist can get rid of possessions. One should get an exorcist’s advice about obsessions and oppressions.

2) Lay people should not be praying over each other for so-called deliverance unless they are on a team with an appointed diocesan priest exorcist.

3) One can pray for one’s own family, but should not be praying for others unless one gets advice from an appointed exorcist, if there is indications of demonic influence. The Auxilium prayers include prayers for friends.

If one want to pray for the family members or family tree issues, become a member of the Auxilium Christianorum, but only after asking your spiritual director if this is OK.

4) Protestants do not have authority to exoricize. Exorcist-priests know this.

5) The long prayer of St. Michael from Pope Leo XIII is not to be said by the laity publicly or privately. This is a prayer for priest exorcists. Some priests are warning Catholics about this long prayer.

6) The demons recognize real authority and beat up fake authority.

7) Exorcists live a life of intense prayer and fasting. This is not the call of the ordinary lay person, unless they have been asked to work with a priest exorcist.

8) Do not say the prayers you find online except for the ones on the Auxilium Christianorum site after you join the group. The group protects you and is under appointed exorcist priests, as it is under ecclesiastical authority.

9) Avoid charismatic healing Masses which operate outside the authority of the Bishop or which involve Protestant ministry. Too many actually do more harm than good. Most are actually spiritually dangerous.

10) Never, never let anyone pray over you, unless that person is one or both of your parents, an appointed priest in the diocese, or one with permission from another bishop if the priest is visiting. Parents have authority to pray over their children. And, as Father Chad Ripperger notes in several of his talks, demons respect real authority and are legalistic. They will laugh at false authority.”

When Jesus walked the earth, His three missions were, 1) to preach, 2) to heal and 3) to CAST OUT DEMONS.  “And having called his twelve disciples together, he gave them power over unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all manner of diseases, and all manner of infirmities.”  Matthew 10: 1.

W4UIp.St.11Latin Exorcism Prayer Being Prayed At Abortion Mill, photo from Modesto Bee

We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics and to have all sorts of wonderful Latin prayers and traditional blessed sacramentals to help us be holy, happy and protected from evil.