Rebellion Against God Is Only Rebellion Against One’s Own Nature

Satan was an awesome angel.  His supernatural intellect and powers were incredible.  He was spiritually fulfilled and full of God’s supernatural love and life.  So, when he desired to be who he was not, (divine), he rebelled against his own blessed angelic nature.   He wanted to go beyond his own God given nature “to be like God”.  And he lost everything.

H096_WomanAdam and Eve were also totally fulfilled in being created human beings.  All of creation around them was in harmony with God and with them.  They had God’s and each others love and had absolutely no needs whatsoever.  They felt comfortable with God, each other and their bodies.

Prado Annunciation_Adam and Eve_detThey enjoyed a wonderful supernatural friendship with God.  They recognized Him as their superior and that they had been created Him.  They had a completely open way of communicating with Him, without shame or barriers.  They were totally fulfilled in their state of created life.

When the “serpent”, the devil, tempted Eve, he approached her with the thought of her rejecting her created human nature, to “become like God”.  If she just obeyed the devil and ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, she would no longer be her own nature, but would be “divine like”.   She already knew that God had prohibited that.  She would be disobeying God.  But she put more trust in the devil’s words than the good God who had created her and loved her.

The created order God instituted was for Adam to obey Him.  Then in like manner, God put Adam as lord over all creation, (including Eve), the animals and all living things.  When Adam ended up obeying Eve and disobeying God, (because he trusted in her more than God).  He then did what Eve suggested and ate from the tree that God had forbidden them to eat from.

Creation of the Sun Moon and Planets_MICHELANGELO BuonarrotiIn rebelling against God’s rules, they actually rebelled against their own nature.  From then on, all of creation became disordered.  Their sexual appetite was effected and they felt naked.  Their innocent, pure communication with God was destroyed as they tried to hide from Him.  Eve, and all women, become emotionally damaged and became overly dependent upon man’s affection and approval.  Giving new life to children became painful.  Weeds, thorns and enmity creep up everywhere outside paradise where man has been banished to live.

Then Cain, rebels against himself by killing his own brother, whom should of instead been his best friend and from whom he could have receive deep brotherly love.  After his rebellion he becomes a wanderer, never at peace with himself or others.

Animals, by nature are to obey man and serve him.  After the rebellion, animals fear humans, attack humans, and kill humans.  Man then begins to abuse animals instead of protecting them.

A042_Creation2Rebellion is trying to be, in essence and nature, someone whom we are not.  This is being  disobedient to God and what is called “SIN” in the Bible.

So, here we are in the 21st. century continuing to rebel against God, and in essence, are continual to only rebelling against our own vary nature.  For this reason we have become estranged to ourselves and to God.

Feminist are rebels against their own wonderful feminine nature.  They, as women, were created to be loved, protected, provided for and nurtured by men.  They are to obey God and their husbands as Mary obeyed St. Joseph, the head of the Holy Family.  They can enjoy the greatest vocation of being religious sisters or wives and mothers of children.  They no longer have to go out in the dog eat dog world.
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 They love, live and reign as queens in their homes.  They are the sunshine and heart of their family.

waste-of-womanMost feminist are angry, lonely young and old ladies who are very bossy and mean.  They get their ways in the church chanceries, offices, religious education departments, and at work.  But I have yet to find a kind humble feminist who appreciates her true feminine greatness that she received from God.

Children, when they rebel against there parents, only bring unhappiness into their lives.  They quickly becomes aware of this when they fight their parents and move out from under the parents rules to have freedom to do what THEY WANT.

Like Adam and Eve, their eyes are opened to their financial and emotional nakedness.  They no longer have the help or protection of their parents.  They have to pay all their bills, cook all their food, wash all their clothes and get along with their new roommates (who are selfish like they are).  They no longer have their parents advice and love in their home.

We need to recognize what sin is; rebellion against God, His order and rebellion against our very own created nature.  Then we need to humbly put ourselves back into subjection (men, women, sons and daughters), under the loving Hand Of God who created us.  We can once again happily obey Him, because we know that this is what is in our own best interest as His creatures and the road to happiness once again.

Christ Triumphant_MELOZZO DA FORLIThen man can stop rebelling against God who created him.  Government can obey and enforce God’s laws.  Catholics can happily obey Jesus and His Church.  Wives can obey their husbands.  Children can obey their parents.

When every person in authority obeys God fully, then it is easy to obey them.  Let us pray that the Kingdom of Jesus Christ will reign again and all will humbly bow down in humble adoration and obey Him.  Long Live Christ the King.  Long Live Mary our Queen.