The Virus Of Rebellion Began With The Devil And The Other Rebel Angels

We all have been infected with the virus of rebellion.  We see its fruits everywhere we look, in the satanic influence in the world, in the disobedience to God’s teachings in the Catholic Church, in the false religions of heretics, in the pride of atheist, in the crimes of the world, in the sins of adults, in the disobedience of children and right here inside us in our own will and flesh.

Satan Before the Lord_GIAQUINTO, CorradoIf we are to get back to love, truth and order again in the Catholic Church, families and society in general, then the rebellion factor must be studied and overcome.  Throughout history, we see nothing but a continuous line of events of rebellion against God and revolutions against His Church.

This rebellious virus began at the instant of creation when satan and the rebel angels fought against God and the other obedient angels.  In the beginning it was not that way.  “The devil and the other demons were created by God good in their nature but they by themselves have made themselves evil.” 4th Lateran Council (cap. i, “Firmiter credimus”).

The Fall of the Rebel Angels_BECCAFUMI, DomenicoSo this begs the question, what went wrong with satan and the rebel angels.
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 Some Church Fathers say that the Lucifer’s great offense was
 his desire to be independent of God and have equality with God.  

St. Thomas Aquinas says that Satan sinned by desiring to be “as God“.  He considers, the first sin of satan to be the sin of pride.  Scotus, however, teaches that his sin was not exactly pride, but rather a type of spiritual lust, (loc. cit., Q. ii).

Other theologians, like Suarez, propose that when the mystery of the Divine incarnation was revealed to the devil and the angels, that they realized that a nature lower than their own was to be hypostatically united to the Person of God the Son, and that they, and all the hierarchy of heaven, saw that they would have to bow in adoration before the majesty of the Incarnate Word; that this was the occasion of the pride of Lucifer and his rebellion.

rebel_angels_rubens2Since the angels, and especially the high angels like satan, have such keen angelic intellects, (way superior to humans), they were tested instantly after being created and failed.  For this reason they were punished immediately after being created for desiring what was not theirs, (spiritual lust) or for not being willing to obey and adore the Word made Flesh in the future.  We do know that satan and his rebel angels were very speedily punished for their disobedience or rebellion.

So we know that the virus of rebellion came from satan, (the serpent), and the fallen rebel angels to Eve, whom then introduced it to Adam.  I will in the future continue the history of the rebellion contamination that began then but continues to be extremely active in every aspect of human existence.

Madonna and Child_Holy CardPlease Jesus and Mary, help us not be part of the rebellious spirit.  Help us to be obedient to God as you were.
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