The Traditional Catholic Encyclopedia, 1913 Version On Line, Can Be Trusted

Thanks to Kevin Knight and 400 volunteers we have the whole 1913 Catholic Encyclopedia at our computer fingertips at  For anyone who is serious about finding out the truth about the Catholic Christian Faith, this is an excellent, easy source to go to.

935330_182627245226330_1756559105_nKnight chose the 1913 version of the Catholic Encyclopedia because it is no longer under copyright protection.  I choose the 1913 edition because it is Catholic and was produced before the virus of modernism was injected into some of our Catholic Church.  I think it was by God’s help that this Encyclopedia was beyond the copyright protection and therefore chosen to be put on the internet.

People in my last parish were forbidden to study the Catechism of Trent because they were accused of favoring that Council’s teachings over Vatican II’s teachings.

I have studied both Council’s writing in depth and have found the Council of Trent’s teachings very clear.  In many parts of the Vatican II’s documents there is confusion that brings about questions, not clarity.

563709_249629065192814_2114727913_nSo, as a Catholic priest, who only wants the true, orthodox Catholic doctrine, I find it in the 1913 version of the Catholic Encyclopedia.  I do not have to sift through and wonder what Catholic doctrine has been changed.   It is so obvious that it is 2000 year old Catholicism.

This encyclopedia is very thorough and bases its teachings on the Bible, all the councils of the Church, the Church Fathers and the saints.  It is very convincing and satisfying to a well educated mind as well as to a beginner in the Catholic faith.

It is simply what the Catholic Church teaches.  Just because it was published in 1913 does not make it no longer Catholic and therefore forbidden to be read.  It is precisely Catholic because the Deposit of Faith, that Jesus left to the Apostles, is contained in it and without change or error.

1462952_248808221941565_35869607_nWe need to scream out a thousand million times: CATHOLIC DOCTRINE CAN NOT AND WILL NOT CHANGE.  We can further develop our understanding of it, we can further define it, but if it changes, it is no longer Catholic or the immutable Deposit of Faith given to us by Jesus Christ.  When people come up with “catholic doctrine” that has changed, it is absolutely no longer Catholic.  It is absolutely and nothing more than heresy.

Today, if you even question the changes in Catholic Doctrines, you are automatically persecuted and ostracized by most bishops, priests, religious and people.

All of us have a responsibility to suffer for defending the purity of Catholic truth.  The Arians, (Jesus is not equal to God the Father) were the majority of “catholics” for around 200 + years (300 – 500 A.D.).  Many “catholics” were Iconoclasts, (condemned painting or sculpturing of Catholic religious art), for hundreds of years too (Late 600’s- Early 800’s).  All those who resisted these heresies were exiled, punished, persecuted or put to death.

So, in order to fight heresy, we need to know where we can go to learn true Catholic teaching.  This catholic Encyclopedia is a great place to go and is alphabetically set up for every Catholic issue you may need information on.  It is that simple.

If by any chance some of you have time, or can make the time, it would be well worth it to dedicating some of your life to use this encyclopedia to studying the great Catholic issues that define truth and heresy.  The issues contained are also concerns that confront human existence every day, (like Original Sin, Hell, Beatific Vision, satan, Sanctifying Grace, Baptism, and the Lives of the Saint of the Day).  The subjects go on and on and on.  There is no end to great, intellectual and truthful knowledge about Catholic Christianity.

Moses_With the Ten Commandments_CHAMPAIGNE, Philippe deThe Bible is very very old.  The first 5 books, the Pentateuch, were written by Moses and his disciples somewhere around the year 1512 Before Christ.  Because of its ancient age, modernist catholics and protestants doubt its validity.

No, the Bible is truth.  It is TRUTH that never can change or grow old.  Men wrote it, but only by the divine inspiration of God.

May we always be faithful to the ONE, HOLY, APOSTOLIC CATHOLIC CHURCH.  How blessed we are to be in an unchanging Church based on ancient Judeo and Christian traditions.  We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics.