5 Killed, 8 Injured After Holy Mass At St. Charles Catholic Church In Kano Nigeria Bombing

Yesterday, Sunday July 27, a bomb exploded at St.
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Charles Catholic Church in Kano Nigeria.  It was thrown across the street into the crowd coming out of Sunday Mass.  A toddler, a soldier and three others were killed and 8 injured.  It is assumed that it was done by muslim militarist.image147-2x7rmlfwhgflrfp04sq9saMap from Nigerian Times.St-charles_catholic-church-kanoSt. Charles Catholic Church Kano Nigeria

muslimsWe Catholic bloggers need to report more of these incidents.  A few of the main stream media report them, but mostly keep silent on these muslim atrocities.  Let us Catholics pray for our Nigerian bothers and sisters who are living in danger every day.
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 Let us thank God, that up till now, we can go to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in safety.

I heard about this on Rorate Caeli Blog.  When I searched for this event on Duck Duck Go, there was only one Catholic site with the information on it.  Let us pray and shout out in protest to the massive persecution of Catholics and christians in the muslim countries all over the world.  God, Mary, St. Joseph protect our Catholic brothers and sisters living in the muslim countries and please convert them to the Catholic truth of love, peace and forgiveness.