Traditional Catholics Have The Right Weapons To Fight “Rulers Of The World Of Darkness”

All of us traditional Catholics believe in the devil, evil spirits and hell.  They became rebellious against God and are still rebelling and getting other humans to rebel against God and His Catholic Church right now.  We traditional Catholics need to address this problem and help others rediscover the great weapons God has left to us as Catholics to deal with this supernatural battle.

Satan Before the Lord_GIAQUINTO, CorradoFor this reason, I pray the Exorcism Prayer everyday, published by Pope Leo XIII called; “Prayer Against Satan and The Rebellious Angels”.  In this exorcism prayer, the Catholic Church clearly shows us what we are up against every day of our lives.

St. Paul says it so well; For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood; but against principalities and power, against the rulers of the world of this darkness, against the spirits of wickedness in the high places.” Ephesians 6:12.

The Exorcism prayer names and addresses the demons we are fighting against:

1) satanic powers,

2) unclean spirits,

3) infernal invaders,

4) wicked legions,

5) assemblies

6) sects.

This clearly shows us that we are dealing with more than just the devil.  He, and all these other evil demons, are whom are out to destroy us and Jesus’ Catholic Church.  And, along with them, are their servants, like the freemasons and other modernist, inside and outside the Holy Church.

Masoner_a_IlluminatiPope Leo XIII, in Humanum Genus, (Encyclical Letter On Freemasonry, April 20, 1884) stated:  “They are planning the destruction of Holy Church publicly and openly… There is no denying that in this foolish and criminal plan, it is easy to understand the implacable hatred and passion for revenge which animated satan toward Jesus Christ

But the good news is that God has already given us the right weapons to fight with.  First and foremost is the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in Latin.  (Remember the devil and his co-workers hate Latin.)  Then we have all the traditional sacraments, (from before 1969), that have many exorcisms as part of the rites.

st-michael3-destroy-freemasonry-linkThe traditional Holy Water, blessed and combined with exorcized salt, is another powerful weapon against the devil.  (The new holy water blessing is very very poor.)  We have the exorcised St. Benedict’s medal.  The scapular.

All the traditional blessing are way way longer and ancient.  They have the power to help consecrate and bless sacramentals to be used in this battle against satan and the other evil spirits.   The Novus Ordo blessings help, but are not nearly as powerful.

098_BaptismJust recently the Anglican Church of England has even gone so far as to remove satan and sin from their baptismal rite.

“In the current version, in use since 1998, vicars ask parents and godparents if they “reject the devil and all rebellion against God” and if they “repent of the sins that separate us from God and neighbour”.

However, the new text asks them instead to “reject evil, and all its many forms, and all its empty promises”, with no explicit mention of the devil or sin.” The Telegraph.

The process for these heretics of watering down “the waters of baptism” began in 1980.  We began in May 15, 1969 and used in the 1970 Missal.

warninglabel-vatican-iiAlmost every person sees that we are in trouble; wars, drugs, crime and the family break up.
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 And yet I have yet to hear the pope, bishops, religious or priests proclaiming that the devil and rebellion in and outside the Church is the cause of these problems.  They just say we need peace, we need justice.  That is what the Church has been saying ever since Vatican II and nothing has changed or gotten better.  In fact they have only become worse and are now extremely dangerous.

We traditional Catholics know what is needed;

1) A return to the power traditional sacraments and blessing.

2) A return to Biblical morals.

3) Prophets.

4) Repentance for all our sins.

5) Latin Exorcisms.

6) Holy popes, bishops, religious, priests and laity.

7) Great devotion to Mary, the angels and saints.

8) Daily recitation of the Holy Rosary.

9) Adoration of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament.

10) Quiet contemplative prayer.
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11) More sincere love between all of us.

12) Holy families where dads are holy leaders, mothers stay home and have time for their children, and the children are kept from loosing their innocence and souls at public (and most catholic) schools.

mother-mary-3We have the weapons, we have the knowledge and we have the faith.  Let us go on serving Jesus and doing what each one of us is called to do to help save souls, the Church and the world from destruction.  We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics.