Final Day of Traditional Catholic Vacation Summer School

We made it through 2 weeks of intense traditional Catholic studies of Gregorian Chant, Catholic values and morals, and altar boy training.

Here is how the boys turned out in the end.  Young traditional Bishops and Priestsphoto

Today we started off with a sacred Missa Cantata.  12 young men and boys had to be at church at 7:30 for practice.  They were all there and the Holy Mass was just that, “Holy”.   photoThe young ladies and girls sang beautifully in the choir. IMG_0438Many hungry children.  But many are spoiled and will not eat healthy oatmeal.photoOne more time, learning to read Gregorian music and to sing traditional Catholic songs.photoIt is Friday, so no pepperoni pizza, just plain cheese.  Remember traditional Catholic never eat meat on Friday.  The Novus Ordo rule is to not eat meat on Fridays, or if you do, then you need to make some other sacrifice.  Do any of you know Catholics actually making sacrifices on every Friday?????????  Better get back to no meat on Friday.photoAfter more sports.IMG_0450photoBeautiful modest happy girls.IMG_0462After the Holy Rosary, we always sang “Salve Regina” to Our Mother Mary.photoSurprise.  Ice cream cones for everyone to go home holy and happy.photoThanks to all the young men and women (parents too) who volunteered to made these two weeks possible.  I especially learned that boys cannot sit still.  So I had to adjust to that and do the best I could.  Also, if we left them by themselves to play, they usually started fighting and calling each others names.  So we just kept everyone together.  Also I learn to accept each one as an individual and try to help them grow at their own pace.  We ended the session by asking what they had learned.  It was a lot more than I could have hoped for.
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 Thanks be to God that we are traditional Catholics.
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