9th Day Of Traditional Catholic Summer Catechism School

At Traditional Catholic Summer Catechism School, we have been trying to learn to put God in first place in our lives and in how we pray and live.  So we begin altar boy practice for the Holy Latin Mass by prostrating on the floor adoring God.  The young men and boys really like praying that way.  We work on the ACTS way of praying.

photo1) Adore God not ourselves.

2) Contrition for all our sins we have committed today and during our lives.

3) Thanking God for life, our hearts beating, our lungs breathing, our eyes seeing, our ears hearing, our legs walking, our mind working.  For food, family, nature, animals.  For being traditional Catholics.

4) Supplications for all that we need and others need.  For the sick and dying.  For our Catholic Church.

Eucharist 3What we have noticed is that instead of adoring God, we have pushed Him into 3rd. place.  We have put ourselves in 1st. place by, 1) wanting what we want all the time, 2) by wanting to be the center of attention, by sinning and by talking and misbehaving in God’s presence because we want to do it.  We have put family, friends and what others think, in second place.
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 And maybe, if we are somewhat decent traditional Catholics, we have put God in 3rd. place.

photoThe girls practiced the game “telephone” to see if they really know how to listen to God and to others or if they are only interested in what they want to say.

We are going to end the school tomorrow with a Missa Cantata.  The boys continued to work hard on teaching and learning the Holy Latin Mass.photoBrothers teaching each other the correct Latin pronunciation and memorizing the prayers.photoHow to properly hold the paten is very important so that none of the specks of Jesus’ Body fall on the ground.  photoSome waiting patiently to go to music practice, they had already done their practice.photoThe little girls did a lot of drawing and coloring.
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photoEveryday the moms faithfully cooked lunch for the children.  Thank you moms.  Today we had hamburgers.  photophotoI have learned these two weeks to have great patience with the behavior of the young men and boys.  They are good but need to learn to be quiet in Church and when I am trying to teach them.  I feel very happy that we were able to learn so much, especially the Gregorian music and Latin Mass serving.  photoEach one of us has taken a long time to convert and stop sinning.  We need great patience and love as we plant the seeds of Traditional Catholic Truth in these young peoples hearts.  We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics.