8th Day of Traditional Catholic Summer School

We enjoyed celebrating Our Lady of Mount Carmel.  Thank God for the Scapular.  After Holy Latin Mass, Breakfast, Altar boy training, confession, the young men and boys got to practice Gregorian Chant up in the Choir loft.  Choir lofts are the ONLY place for choirs.  The choir supports the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass, without making the singing of the Choir a performance.  Many choirs are the focus of attention and Jesus is ignored.


The choir director, Daniel’s daughter Daniela celebrated her birthday today.  I gave her the blessing and all the girls sang “Esta Son Las Mananitas”.photophotophotophotoPlenty of exercising to get some of the energy out of the boys.photophotoThe Girls got their music and gregorian chant workshop too.IMG_0426.JPGThe young men and boys watched a video on St. Joseph.  It told them to be servants to their future families.  Also it reminded us that St. Joseph lived each day trusting God to take care of him, Mary and Jesus.  This was especially true when they were going through hard times like finding a place for Jesus to be born and when they had to go to Egypt.

We also had a talk about sexual purity with the young men.  St. Joseph is the perfect man to teach us men to be pure and treat women with respect.  It sure is hard to be traditional Catholics, but we would not want to be any other way.  It is the sure way to heaven.
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