Summer Traditional Catholic Children’s School 7th Day

We are really doing well.  So many children and parents at the opening Latin Mass for the Summer Traditional Catholic Children’s school.  Man of Sorrows_CHRISTUS, PetrusAn older man who normally comes to our daily 8:15 Latin Mass came with tears in his eyes this morning, seeing how many young adults and children are coming and behaving so so well.  He and his wife are converts to the Latin Mass by me inviting them and them using the little Ecclesia Dei Red Booklet.  They say that praying the English prayers along with the Latin are so profound that they have fallen in love with the Latin Mass.

Simple Breakfast for the young men and boys.  Poor Right to work, older boys and younger ones teaching new boys how to serve the Latin Massphoto photo It takes a lot of patience.  They are very good and patient as they share what they already have Mothers and friends help prepare a simple, but filling lunch.  The boys eat a photo Remembering to be thankful for everything we receive from God especially faith, family and Girls eating their 12:30 Soccer and exercise in the hot sun.  No complaining allowed.  Everyone has a great time.  The little boys are over on the Penalty Girls having their exercise too.
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IMG_0416.JPG Keep on kicking the devil out of your life and become a winner.
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IMG_0417.JPG Ending the day again with the Holy Rosary.photoOur music teacher was not able to come so I taught Gregorian Chant and Music.  Tried to teach the young men and boys to sing softly for Jesus.  They really did well.  Finished the video on the Shroud of Turin.   I am very tired, but know that God is really working wonders with the young people.  Thank You God, Mary, Helpers and Parents.  And thank you young people for opening your hearts and minds to become Extraordinary people for God.