Modernism Allows You To Construct Your Own Personal Religion

People love progressive Catholicism because it allows you to construct your own catholicism that fits what you believe and what you like to do.  It allows you to be a “mature” christian who chooses what is good and bad for you in your situation and in the time you live.

Exécution_de_Marie_Antoinette_le_16_octobre_1793But there is also a ABSOLUTE reality that is God’s reality that will not be able to be proven until passing to His reality at death.  No matter how much I or you construct our personal reality, REALITY will be revealed at DEATH.

nuns-for-choiceNonetheless, modern man believes that he has “grown” beyond these old fashion biblical and Catholic concepts because they inhibit him from being fully free to find love and fulfillment.  So he builds his own religion or reality to suit what he does or does not believe.

This has greatly influenced all Catholics.  They watch Hollywood’s movies every week.  They watch hours and hours of Television.  They read Dan Brown’s books and the romantic vampire Twilight series.  They listen to rap, secular, metallic and satanic music.
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 They work at jobs where everyone shares there “new” found freedom to do what you want, dress like you want and to be with who you want.

skulls from Aztec ritualThe only problem comes when your constructed reality and religion conflicts with mine.  Say that I am muslim and believe that it is good to kill those who are not.  The muslim has built their religious beliefs around their prophet mohammed.  Who is going to enforce whose beliefs.  It will just depend on the majority who have the power to enforce what the majority believe until the majority changes its beliefs or looses its power.

Most Catholics have constructed their personal “Catholicism”.  They claim to be good Catholics and have “matured” to know that there is nothing wrong with birth control.  To get around the Encyclical “Humanae Vitae” (that condemns the use of birth control), they simply say that all “mature Catholics” know that that is an old fashion concept of having many children.  They can name many priests who have told them that there is nothing wrong with using birth control.

atheismNot only is the constructing of “your personal religion and reality” not Catholic, it also causes you and me much suffering.

Let us take drinking a lot of alcohol.  My own personal religious beliefs say there is nothing wrong with drinking a lot with my friends on the weekend.  (Catholic teaching is that there is nothing wrong with alcohol, as long as you are not in anyway inebriated).  So you get drunk with your friends.  You then drive home and are picked up by the police for drinking and driving.  As much as you believe there is nothing wrong with getting drunk, you now will be fined, have to go to court, have to take classes and your insurance will go up.  You may even loose your divers license.

Say that on the way home, after practicing your own personal belief of drinking a lot, you smash into my car and kill me and my family.  You built a “wonderful, free religion” that allowed you to be free and drink all you want, but it smashed into my freedom and killed me and my family.  As of right now, that is a crime and you will spend time in prison.  But who knows if in the future the majority of people say that there is nothing wrong with killing people, then you will be able to drink and drive and kill me and my family, because the majority no longer feel that there is anything wrong with this.

waste-of-womanSay that we are living in an “enlightened world” where you can drink and drive and kill, (because everyone does it), and go on doing it.  No matter how much you believe that it is a good thing that your personal religion allows, you will eventually get medical problems from your “personal religion” that allows you to get drunk as much as you want.

We can also mention the loosing of your job from being irresponsible, the fights you may have with others while you are intoxicated, the maybe sexual abuse of children while you are out of your 5 senses and the loosing of your family because they get fed up of a drunkard.

As traditional Catholics we do not construct our own religion or reality.  We accept the divine relevaltion of Jesus Christ in the Bible and in what has been revealed in the 2000 years of the Apostolic Catholic Church.  This divine religion and reality may not meet “my likes and dislikes”, but it is true nonetheless.  Besides that it actually works to protect me,my family and society around me.

All the crime we have to be afraid of every day and night comes from people creating their own religion and reality to fit their own likes and dislikes, their own beliefs and disbeliefs.

FrKennettatMass-640x427Let us take the murder of Fr. Walker.  Gary Michael Moran had built his own “religious beliefs and values” that justified killing Fr. Walker and beating Fr. Terra.  He had just been released from prison.  So he probably justified what he was doing by believing that he could not find a job because people will not hire people with criminal records.  He then justified stealing to survive.  And there is nothing wrong with stealing from priests, they have a lot of money and the Catholic Church is too rich.  He then justified killing and beating and even bragging about killing Fr.
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Walker because in his constructed religion and reality, there was nothing wrong with doing what you want to do when you have to do it.

The Bible is full of passages that curse the evil and bless the just.  No matter what you have done to construct your own personal religion and reality.  Eventually you will receive the natural consequences and the supernatural consequences of your actions.

Resurrection_STOSS, VeitAs traditional Catholics, not only do we avoid all the natural bad side effects of sin, but we also receive many blessings from God.  We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics.