Traditional Catholic Vacation Bible School Second Week

We are starting off with a bang as we pray and work on character.

Adore and Obey God, Obey your Parents.photoThe older boys love to give piggy back rides to the smaller boys.
photoFirst things first.  Right off after the Holy Latin Mass and breakfast, off to learn how to serve  the holy Latin mass.
photo photoAnd more boring learning to read notes and sing Gregorian songs.

photo photoPlease Lord get the energy out of the young men and boys by lots of soccer.
photo We are playing at 12:30 in the heat of Phoenix.  I am playing too with them.  Lots of  Girls with their modest clothing and chapel veils on ready for the Holy photoSinging “Salve Regina” before we send them back to be with their parents.
photo I do not know how you parents and teachers do it everyday.  These children will make saints out of you. Madonna and Child_Holy Card Thank You Parents and Teachers for all you do for Children.