Stress-less Traditional Latin Mass

Most of you know exactly what I mean by a Stress-Less Holy Mass.  When you are well educated in the true Rubrics of the Novus Ordo and attend many given NO Masses, you end up depressed, stressed and messed up.

Gricigliano 7But when you go to the Holy Latin Mass, all the Rubrics are followed and you can rest in Jesus’ and Mary’s arms as you let the Holy Spirit refresh your tired soul.

Jean Poyer_Hours of Henry VIII_Mass of St. Gregory_Tours_1500_h8.168rHere is a portion of a readers e-mail she sent me.  

“In closing, thank you so much for your blog. It has been awesome to see your blog posts in my inbox each day (sometimes a few times a day and even late at night–boy are you prolific!). They got me so excited for the Latin Mass I now attend. I couldn’t be happier with the no stress Latin Mass! I am a five year convert and have ping-ponged from one unfortunate parish to another due to my transient college student life. Its nice to leave Mass refreshed instead of infuriated every single Sunday, and when I have no choice but to go to an NO Mass due to traveling (my new pro-life missionary job requires such travels) I can really REALLY feel the difference. My new parish also provides me with a great spiritual director that will be extremely beneficial with my new job where spiritual warfare is pretty much the entire job description (the other day, on my first day of missionary work a guy scowled and hissed at us. I think I prefer the cussing because that is at least a mostly human reaction–I’m not sure yet). Please pray for me.

Murillo_Christ after Flagellation_post 1665_MFA Boston

“The Latin Mass is so stress free. Show up–everyone silent or praying the Rosary together–sounds like a church, not a lunch room. No ad-libbing (maybe back in the medival days when people spoke latin more often ad-libbing of occurred, but I think its incredibly hard theses days). No having to brace yourself for an off-base homily like you’re about to be punched. All the women cover their hair, not just you. Everyone is dressed up like its Easter every Sunday, not just you. No seeing the Woody woodpecker t-shirts underneath the paper-thin albs. Everyone kneels for communion–not just you. The priest knows how to place Communion on your tongue without awkwardness or weirdness. You don’t have to freak out about the awkwardness preventing a true connection with the tongue and thus having Jesus fall on the floor–the paten is always there. No rushed ‘Amen’ prior to the awkward placement of the Host on the tongue. Mass is over–more silence. No holding hands like a hippie (even when I was a protestant, I hated doing that–and hated raising my hands up even more). All the bells and whistles are there thus really making it easier to really grasp the specialness of what’s go on–when the president shows up in a motocade, you behave differently than when he shows up in his VW Beetle. LOTS of fellowship and warmth and friendliness and food (very important to grad students) after Mass in the parish hall–all the conversation about Billy’s baseball game, the Tupperware parties, the ‘long time no see’s and the ‘how’s your mother’s pushed off until after Mass thus people don’t sprint to their cars after Mass because they’ve already done their socializing–though I get the feeling the people at the Latin parish stay for reasons beyond socializing. You walk in, you walk out and you don’t have to go to confession again for perhaps unholy rage at the not-even-the-protestants-would-try-to-pull-these-kinds-of-stunts situations. One stop shopping for the holy instead of outsourcing to Youtube and blogs. It’s fantastic!”

windowwwSo each one of you, priest, religious and lay people, you are making a difference in spreading love for the Holy Latin Mass.  Let us not be discouraged and let us thank God for the opportunity to go to the Mass of All Ages.