Traditional Catholic Latin Baptism At “St. Joseph’s Hospital” Phoenix Az.

Natali is a twin girl who has some medical complication.  Her parents asked me to come and baptize her.  So I took all the things needed for a Latin Baptism and baptized her last night at St.
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Joseph’s Hospital.  photophoto photo

Her twin sister was waiting outside with her 4 other siblings.  Natali is doing very well, Thanks Be To God.  In the incubator, right next to Natali, is a baby who was born at only 5 months gestation.  The baby is doing fine.  So this brought up that babies can be murdered up to 9 months gestation, just as long as they have not been delivered yet.

This is the first time I have been called to what used to be a “Catholic Hospital”.  This is the famous hospital where Sister Margaret McBride permitted an abortion (murder of a pre born baby) because the mother was suffering from Pulmonary Hypertension.  The hospital’s ethics board ok’ed the murder, justifying it in order to save the mother’s life.  But getting rid of the baby in the uterus by murder, would only relieve a small amount of the Pulmonary Hypertension.  And it is contended that the killing of the pre born (the abortion procedure) could actually exasperate the Pulmonary Hypertension too.

Bishop Thomas Olmsted then excommunicated Sister McBride.  (I read that Sr. McBride has had her excommunication lifted by going to confession).  All the public media went on the war path against Bishop Olmsted.  He also suffered terribly from modernist progressive Catholics.

In support of him, the spokes person for the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops gave these statements: direct abortion” is “never permissible because a good end cannot justify an evil means.”   “The surgery directly targets the life of the unborn child. It is the surgical instrument in the hands of the doctor that causes the child’s death. The surgery does not directly address the health problem of the woman, for example, by repairing the organ that is malfunctioning,” they explain.  

Six months later, Bishop Olmsted removed the Catholic sponsorship of St. Joseph’s Hospital.  I tried to find out if it had regained this sponsorship, but I do not think it has.

As I walked around the campus to find the Labor and Delivery Unit, I saw the remnants of a traditional Catholic hospital.  photo There is a beautiful statue of St. Joseph holding the child Jesus.  photoThere is another beautiful statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary outside the chapel.  photoThere are wonderful sayings about Jesus and compassion for the sick above the old entrance.

photoAnd in the halls there were actual pictures of traditional Catholic sisters working with modestly dressed nurses.  photoAnd there use to be a waiting room where the Sacred Heart of Jesus was the focus.

As hard as I looked, there was absolutely no Catholic sister in a habit.  I do not think there was even a sister around.

Where did all the Sister go,

long time passing,

Where did all the nuns go,

long time ago.  

Feminist picked them every one.

O when will we Catholics ever learn,

When will we ever learn.

Where did all the Catholic Hospitals go,

long time passing,

Where did all the Hospitals go, 

Long time ago,

Feminist professionals picked them every one, 

O When will we Catholics ever learn, when will we ever learn.”

At one time this was a hospital full of traditional sisters who wore the whole habit and help the sick and the poor.  But they were Catholics first, and for that reason, they helped the sick and the poor.

When Sr. McBride (Sisters of Mercy) was given an award for allowing the abortion by “Call To Action”, she thank them and said that the hospital will continue its “caring for the poor and ill in our community”. How are they taking care of the poorest of the poor, the unborn children?  How is helping the sick tearing apart and innocent child piece by piece?

One Saturday afternoon I was called by a parishioner of mine telling me that the doctors at Emmanuel (God With Us) Hospital in Turlock California told them they had to kill the child in his wife’s womb or she would die.  I had to tell him that they could not give permission to kill their child, even to save his wife’s life.IMG_9419Milagros is very happy I saved her life from the murderers.  Her parents are too.

They listened to me.  The mother and daughter (Milagrosa) are healthy and happy today.  The next girl that followed this girl, Brianna, is my goddaughter.

Let us never despair.  Let us continue to pray and make small sacrifices for the restoration of Catholicism.  The greatest accomplishment anyone can achieve in life, is to save another’s life.  So thank you all of you who are out saving lives at abortion mills.

Jesus calming the storm_stained glassSome of my parishioners were at the doctor the other day and saw people out side the abortion mill.  They stopped to encourage them, when they told them that a mother had just changed her mind about murdering her baby and they were so so encouraged.  God Help Us.  Mary Help Us.  We are so blessed to be traditional Catholics.  We will survive.